How to Make your Own Aromatherapy Spray

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Written by Bernie Carr

Back in October, there was a recall of Better Homes and Gardens aromatherapy spray sold at Walmart. Some of the users contracted melioidoses, a rare but deadly bacterial infection. Sadly, four people were infected and two of them died. According to the Centers for Disease Control’s bulletin:

CDC announced Friday that a bottle of the BHG aromatherapy spray in “Lavender & Chamomile with Gemstones” scent had tested positive for Burkholderia pseudomallei, the bacteria that causes melioidosis. But the final step in the investigation, being reported today, was to confirm the DNA fingerprint of the bacteria in the spray and in the patients was the same. This allows CDC to confirm the spray or one of its ingredients caused the four melioidosis infections. 


If you have any BHG aromatherapy spray, follow the instructions from the CDC.

I am sure there are lots of wonderful aromatherapy sprays commercially available, but this got me thinking about making my own aromatherapy/ air freshener spray, so I know exactly what goes into it. It’s also inexpensive and easy to make.

DIY aromatherapy spray #1

16 oz. plastic or glass spray bottle

1 tablespoon baking soda

2 cups filtered water

20 drops essential oil (You can use one type of scent or mix a few scents together.)


Place the baking soda into a bowl and add the essential oil(s). For this project, I used eucalyptus oil which has a clean, vibrant scent.

Mix the oil into the baking soda using a fork. I’ve tried adding the oil to the water first, but found that it is better to add the oil to the baking soda as this will help keep the oil suspended in the water.

Use a funnel and pour the baking soda/oil mixture into the spray bottle and add the distilled water.

Label your air freshener and the date you made it.

DIY aromatherapy spray #2

16 oz. plastic or glass spray bottle

1 cup Witch hazel

1 cup filtered water

20 drops essential oil

Drop the essential oil into the bottle. Add the witch hazel halfway. Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Cover and shake well to mix.

That’s it! It’s very easy. No need to worry about harmful chemicals. Just spray into the air. Make a new batch when you run out.

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