Hurricane Preparedness: 6 Tips from a Hurricane Survivor

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

This year’s hurricane season has been one of the most active we’ve seen in years.  And it’s not even over yet; hurricane season ends November 3oth.   Well after the news have stopped covering the area, many people in Houston are still unable to return to their homes and are still suffering from the after effects of Hurricane Harvey.   All we can do is remember lessons learned and continue to be prepared in case another hurricane hits.

My latest post in the Allstate blog shares some tips.

1. Know Your Hurricane Risk

You might not think you live in a place that’s at risk for hurricanes, but according to, hurricanes can reach over 100 miles inland from the coast. You may want to consider where your apartment or home is in relation to the coast to help determine the risk in your area. This map from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shows the frequency of hurricane and storm activity by county and may help you understand the hurricane risk in your community.  Read the rest at

Hurricane Preparedness: 6 Tips Learned from a Hurricane Survivor


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