I Set Up My Aerogarden!

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I’ve been wanting to try the Aerogarden for a while now. I got the small one that fits well in small spaces. Here’s a pic and description from Amazon:

Check out my article about the setup on Patreon. Updates will be posted there as well.


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  1. I love the Aerogarden system, it’s a great intro to gardening for those thinking and exploring. Living in a Townhome within HOA community made it even more challenging, little to no gardening space. Aerogarden help explore and try growing different vegetable/seeds. Love the cherry tomatoes Red Robin variety is my favorite. The wife and I saved some White Strawberry seeds and were successful in sprouting them and transferred them outdoor. It was here I jumped to a more advance Hydroponic gardening indoor, garage arrangement. Aerogarden is great for salad fanatics. You do have to remember to do self pollination for other variety vegetables/plants attempts, its really reminded me the importance of the circle of eco system like bees/pollinators as being part of this beautiful system God created.

    1. Hi Carlos, The flowers kept falling off, then I realized they need to be cross pollinated. :/ Now I keep a small desk fan to encourage that cross pollination. Thanks for the comment.

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