If You Haven’t Started Preparing by Now

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I was chatting with the owner of our neighborhood pizza restaurant last night when he switched subjects and told me he was fearful of the the future of his business.   We are not close friends, he knows me as the regular customer who normally orders the same pizza special with coupons.   He said he no longer sees his lunch and dinner time regulars and orders from company catered lunches have all but disappeared.  He is now barely breaking even.  But he considers himself fortunate as many of his colleagues have lost their businesses.  You see restaurant closures almost weekly.

It is hard not to notice the difficulty this country is currently going through.  As soon as you turn on the morning or evening news, you get a blow by blow account of the debt ceiling confrontations of our politicians.   Even news reporters who previously did not comment on such issues are voicing concerns about the consequences of either raising or not raising the debt ceiling.  Face it, our country and most others are carrying way too much debt and there is no easy fix.  I usually stay out of political discussions in this blog, unless it directly affects us personally.   Either way, the country faces a difficult road and that could mean high inflation, high taxes, continued unemployment for the rest of us.   That does directly impact all of us.

It is not too late to start preparing NOW.  Despite the daily dose of bad news and the rising cost of food and supplies, most people can still afford to eat out at restaurants, take a vacation or go to the movies.   Just looking at the news coverage of the latest Harry Potter midnight movie opening, you see huge lines and fans dressed in elaborate costumes.   If people are able to afford extras like that, then there is certainly room to buy a few cans of food every week or some extra packs of toilet paper before prices start to skyrocket.  I am not trying to preach to the choir, I hope more people start to notice and do something about it.

If you haven’t started preparing by now, do it.  If you are new to this blog, check out Getting Started and the Recommended Sites tabs for more information.  Buy one or two extra cans of food, an extra gallon of water this week.   Set aside a few dollars per week for emergencies.  Do it now before one or more of those dire predictions come true.  And if they don’t come to pass, then you lose nothing except the extra worry and stress that comes from being unprepared.


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  1. Well said. I suppose you couldn’t say it, being the author, but people should buy your book, too. It’s a great way for newcomers to start prioritizing and provides great ideas on how to do what you know you need to, but aren’t sure how to start. Even old timers can get some new thoughts out of it.

  2. I agree with Arsenius the Hermit! The book is a bargain at around ten dollars. It’s much less scary and makes more sense for new preppers than reading James Wesley Rawles!

  3. Great post, and great reminder. This is why it makes me angry when people who know they should be putting some grocieries away say they can’t afford it. In fact I feel empowered when I brown bag it and am able to put more money towards preps and my co workers chose to go out to lunch. It all comes down to those daily choices.

    1. Thanks Louise, this is true, it’s all about choices. If someone is motivated, they can do really do something to prepare even if money is tight.

  4. Hi – I just finished your book and am going to write a review about it on SHTFblog. I was wondering if it’s ok to steal the picture of the book on the right-hand column to use in the post. Thanks!


    Awesome book!

    1. Hi JS, thanks so much! Sure you can use the picture of the book to use on the post. I look forward to your review!

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