Powdered Milk Experiment

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Nido powdered milk
Nido powdered milk

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

I ran out of regular milk and was waiting til the weekend to restock.  So I decided to try using one of my powdered milk supplies.   A real emergency is not a good time to be testing unfamiliar food items or supplies, since you cannot afford to waste time or resources at that point.

This brand is a whole milk product.  I followed the instructions and mixed the powder with water and tried out the finished product.

When served cold with some ice, the resulting milk is actually pretty good.  It had a slightly different flavor from fresh milk, but not bad or weird at all.  I used warm water per the directions then added ice.  I thought it would be harder to mix, but the dry powder dissolved pretty well.

Next came the kids’ taste test.  Serve the milk from the fridge, with no ice, just like a normal glass of milk.  They actually liked it!  Also tried it with cereal and it turned out well.

The last test was when I tried mixing the powder with coffee, just like non dairy creamer.  Can you tell I use my favorite Christmas mug all year long?  🙂

Powdered milk in coffee
Powdered milk in coffee

On hot coffee you had too mix it a bit longer to get rid of any lumps.  But once you mix well, the coffee tasted really good, just like with regular milk.  For folks that like cream in their coffee, powdered milk is not a bad substitute at all, and I am sure it is healthier than nondairy creamer.

I would recommend trying out powdered milk.  Use it for emergencies, to stretch the budget or for use when you run out of regular milk.  But start with a small can first.

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    1. I have found powdered milk at Sam’s for a while, next to Nestles Quik or Tang, but they did not have it a couple of weeks ago when I went. At the grocery store, check the baking or international aisle. If you have ethnic groceries in your area (Mexican, Italian or Mediterannean), they always carry powdered milk.

    2. I found Nido whole powdered milk in a grocery store in a Hispanic neighborhood near me.
      Also, I found a great product at beprepared.com – Instant Fat Free Powdered Milk – 56 oz – I like it just as much as my store-bought milk… maybe better, even.

  1. We use it pretty regularly here. I usually mix a pint of powdered milk with a pint of store bought whole milk. My family doesn’t even notice a difference at all. When I do make it completely out of the powdered stuff I will usually add 1 tsp of vanilla. The boys say that it tastes a little like ice cream that way. 🙂

  2. We use the instant non-fat milk that comes in the boxes at the grocery store. I used to buy the bulk box but it picked up odors, which affected the taste, so I buy it prepacked in quart sized packages. I’d like to try the whole powdered milk and some that comes in a can rather than the box. I’m sure it will be less susceptible to picking up those outside odors.

  3. I buy my dry powdered milk at just about any grocery store; it’s usually found in the baking goods section. Wal-Mart Super stores carry it, and I’m pretty sure Winco does, too. I prefer the smaller boxes since I had a large box ( $$ ) go well past it’s “Best By” date unopened, but I haven’t tried the packets yet – will definitely keep a look out for them. For our coffee & tea, I just keep a big container or two of powdered creamer, like Coffee-Mate ( love the flavored varieties & transfer some to small baggies when we travel & stay in hotels ), and I have at least a case of evaporated milk ( I understand that it stores longer & better if it has a higher fat content ). SaCo brand Dry powdered cultured buttermilk is also available in cans.

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