Increase Storage Space in a Small Apartment

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

A major challenge to prepping in an apartment is lack of storage space.  We’ve learned to make do with what we have by being creative.

Here are some ideas to increase storage space in a small apartment:


  • Go through every closet and room in your apartment and weed out things you have not used in over a year (excluding seasonal items)
  • Sell or donate these items before the week is up.  There is some urgency to doing this because the longer you keep them, the less space you have, and you will get tempted to hang on to them.

Utilize vertical space

  • Before you add shelving, check your apartment lease to make sure adding shelving is allowed.  Our lease allows it as long as we remove them before we move.  In our case, we built shelves above the washer/dryer.
  • Add shelves in the garage for non perishable items.

Nest items inside other items

  • Store items inside empty spaces in larger items.  For example, empty suitcases can be used to survival supplies.  Large pots can also be used for storage.

Use space savers

  • We bought a few inexpensive space savers that double or triple storage space in the closets such as Wonder Hanger, over the door shoe storage etc.  The vertical shoe storage can be used to hold other items besides shoes, such as power outage supplies, first aid, dehydrated food packets etc.

Under furniture

  • Items that can be flattened, such as tent, sleeping bags etc.  can be stored under beds.
  • We also used an under the bed shoe organizer to store canned goods under one of the beds in the house.
  • Cover your dining room table with a large table cloth and hide some of your supplies underneath.

Make a list

  • Keep track of all your hiding places by making a master list of where everything is stored.  This way, if you have to rush out of the house in an emergency, you can gather everything up as quickly as possible.

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  1. couple of areas for long term storage that never get utilized (and nobody looks) ….

    in a bathroom vanity …. the area up and around the underneath portion of the sink ….

    the refrigerator …. between the wall(s) and the frig …..

    make thin flexible packs and fill in those inches of concealed space with booty …..

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