May 14, 2020

Tips for Storing Supplies in an Apartment

Editor’s note:  I invited readers to share their favorite storage tips for emergency supplies in an apartment.  We got some great responses. Use every available space Always be on the lookout for somewhere to put more preps.  All the usual space is taken up, and if you are like me, you can always use more space for those goodies you want to stock for later. Think you are out of space? You have space under the bed, on the floor […]

5 Best Emergency Gear Storage Containers

  Written by Harrison Chucks Are you looking for containers to store your emergency gear? Are you finding it difficult to accommodate all of that camping gear in your home? If yes, the 5 options which we would discuss today would be the perfect containers for storage.     Combination Lock Storage Box If you’re looking for something more high-tech, this one is combination lock storage box is for you. It has a programmable lock as well. This would ensure that whatever you […]

10 Tips for Renting a Storage Facility for Emergency Supplies

This post is by Bernie Carr, Now that we have moved to a smaller apartment, we are using every available space for storing supplies. What if there is absolutely no room left in the apartment for storage; after you have purged stuff and added creative space savers, what else can you do for storage?  One possible solution that may work for some is to rent a storage unit. What to consider when choosing a storage facility: Accessibility.   Choose a […]

Increase Storage Space in a Small Apartment

This post is by Bernie Carr, A major challenge to prepping in an apartment is lack of storage space.  We’ve learned to make do with what we have by being creative. Here are some ideas to increase storage space in a small apartment: Declutter Go through every closet and room in your apartment and weed out things you have not used in over a year (excluding seasonal items) Sell or donate these items before the week is up.  There […]

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