Low Tech Door Security Idea

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Low tech security

Only got time for a quick post today, but I had to share this door security idea, for anyone looking for a low cost, low tech method to secure a door.

All you need are a couple of large eye screws and a recycled metal bar or stick that is long enough to reach across with several inches clearance on each side.  The metal bar must be sturdy and kept centered at all times.

If you are a renter, first see if your landlord will spring for a dead bolt at their expense before installing something yourself.   If you do make it yourself, remember you would need to cover up these holes before you move out.

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  1. We recently started using a door brace that wedges under the door knob with a “U” shaped end then goes down to the floor and has a rubber foot. Makes it impossible to kick the door open. You can also take the “U” end off and use it in a sliding door. The length is adjustable so it should fit any door.

    This is perfect for an apartment. Their only around $15 on Amazon plus shipping or $20 at the the local home store.


      1. Just a note to your excellent idea for a door security— There has been incidences where thieves have just gained access to houses and apartments by taking a skill or other type of saw and cut out the door where the locks are situated and then they can just kick the rest of the door open, so be sure to place the bars very low or very hi on the door or both areas are best. This was told to me by our resident security specialist.

  2. That’s essentially a katy bar, though, I would think it should span the width of the door. Maybe a piece of rebar would work good for this idea? I’ve had plans of making something similar but mine were a bit more complicated. Thanks for the simpler advice!

    1. Hi millenniumfly, I agree, the bar should be a lot wider, door width span as you said. I’d like to see how yours turns out. Thanks!

  3. I was thinking of doing something like this but on a larger scale. I wanted to have wood cut out to cover the doors and windows like storms shutters. I did see them do it on one prepper show but I’m not sure how it was done or how they secured the windows. I have a 2 story house so I have 2 doors a few BIG windows and a really big sliding glass door that has a dog door. Don’t know how I would handle this one. It’s sucks when you don’t have anyone to help.

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