Learning to Repurpose Items

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Dessert platter
Dessert platter made from mismatched plate and candleholder glued together


This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

It’s no surprise that with prices for food increasing, and income shrinking, families are having to cut back on expenses and find even more ways to save.  Lately, I have been trying to avoid buying new stuff, but rather finding ways to reuse items in other ways:  repurposing.  Not only am I trying to save space, but also trying to save money by giving old items a new use.

So far it’s been very interesting and rewarding to be able to find new uses for old items.  Here are some things I have around:

Old office pencil holder now holds combs and hairbrushes


Paper towel cardboard to store plastic bags
A discarded paper towel cardboard  now holds trash bags reused as trash can liners


Old car mat
Old worn out car mat now protects the floor  beneath the cat litter box

I’ll post some more as I find new uses for things.  Not very exciting, but repurposing items can help you save money and time.  And it keeps useful things out of the landfills.  If the economy worsens, then it may become a necessity to rethink of other ways to use stuff.  Might as well start re-purposing now.

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  1. Should supply lines be hindered (or heaven forbid, severed), making do with what we have will be vital. Thank you for showing how some creativity can solve life’s problems … and money, too!

  2. Those paper towel holders can also be used for candle molds.the trays from hormel meals can be used for soap molds.

  3. Very kool! We use toilet paper rolls, stuffed with dryer lint (when we still had a dryer) or used tissues as quick fire startes! The idea even won my son a few cherished points in a Webelos Camporee competition!!!

  4. I’m sorry, this is all great and I do save dryer lint but maybe I’m misunderstanding about used tissues? used as in I blew my nose on it or wiped my well you get the picture. I just don’t see it. if I’m that desperate for starting a fire I doubt I’ll have tissues new or used.
    Maybe it’s the context. One sounds like I used tissues as a quick fire starter or I used , used tissues. I’ll just assume the first one was right and I was reading to much into it. Oh well you do have to keep a sense of humor

  5. I was hoping that although hey if that’s all you had and you needed a fire then I’ll stay warm with my snotty tissues. Lets hope it never comes to that but thanks!

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