October 5, 2019

Money Mondays: Find Cheap Emergency Lighting Under $20

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by Bernie Carr

Anytime a major natural disaster occurs, the aftermath usually includes a power outage. Just look at a few recent reports:

Canada: Hurricane Dorian’s sting in the tail leaves 500,000 without power

Thousands still without power Monday after powerful storms rake Dallas-Fort Worth

Over 5 million people without power across Ohio

Avoid being stuck in the dark by preparing your light sources ahead of time.

Build your lighting collection using these two tips

These tips are from Ron Brown, author of a popular series of e-books on lighting.

1. Assemble a collection of inexpensive flashlights that will run on common batteries you can find around the house.

2. Choose a flashlight that can run on just one battery.

Some Examples

AAA Battery

The Rayovac Model BEPN1AAA-BTA uses just one AAA battery.


D Battery

Older models:

· Eveready UPN 132295

· Rayovac VB1DLED-BA

· Dorcy 41-2339

Newer models:

Eveready UPN 138514

Rayovac VBJ1D-B2

Dorcy 41-2594

Ozark Trail OT LED Plastic Flashlight1D


For more details and fun lighting hacks, watch the Cheap Emergency Lighting YouTube video by Ron Brown using the link below.  It gives awesome tips on accumulating emergency lights that will be available to you just when you need it. You can view it here:



 Image by Josch13 from Pixabay





3 Comments on Money Mondays: Find Cheap Emergency Lighting Under $20

  1. Wal-Mart has some cheap plastic LED lights that are $1.00 with 3 AAA batteries. You will need to check the one you buy and be sure that the plastic shipping disk is still in them so that the batteries are still good. I hope that you made it through the storms and flooding in Dallas / Fort Worth OK.

    • Hi Ben, That is some inexpensive lighting! Good idea to check first though, sometimes the battery may no longer work. All fine here, thanks for the well-wishes.

  2. Ben, thanks for the feedback. These $1 lights are excellent. They provide useful light at a rock-bottom price. There are 2 different styles. One is a headlamp (such as miners wear). The other is a cap-light (for the brim of your hat such as hunters wear). I own several of both kinds. But, for clarification, both of these styles operate on CR 2032 button batteries, not 3 AAA’s. One of the screens in the “Cheap Emergency Lighting” video already displays these CR 2032 lamps. There ARE headlamps that run on AAA batteries but they are in the $5 to $15 range (even at Walmart).

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