Money Mondays: How to Start a Food Storage Plan If You are on Public Assistance

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Everyone goes through a financial rough patch now and then – a job loss, business failure, disability etc.   A lot of readers have asked me the question whether someone on public assistance can start a food storage plan.  Sure, it is possible to start a food storage plan if you are on SNAP benefits, or if you have limited income coming in.

Here is an infographic on getting started.


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  1. A friend of mine helps out a food pantry and is always amazed at what most people will not take even when it is free. Lots of can goods and dried beans and rice are left behind every Saturday the food bank opens. Any meat or dairy are always grabbed up and fought over. But some basic food staples are left behind. This is a way to get some of the basics.

    1. Hi Ben, That is a shame that people largely ignore the food staples at the food pantry. I think it might be because a lot of people do not know how to use them, or think it takes too long. Time to think of an article that addresses that. Thanks for the comment!

      1. to many people do not have the basic cooking skills. And I sure did not learn them from my mother (she was a horrible cook and admitted it).
        I like to do beans in my crockpot. lots of white beans some cooked ham onion shredded carrots and some good spices and let it all cook slow and low for 24 hours. I do the same kind of cooking with peas and lentils. Most people who do not use crockpot for slow cooking are missing out on some very easy and good meals. I can set it up before I go to work and have a good home cooked meal when I come home with leftovers to freeze or take to work for dinner the next night (work 3rd shift)

        1. Hey Ben, Using the crockpot is the best for beans and lentils. You come home to a great smelling meal too, and it’s all ready to eat. I will include this in an upcoming article. Thanks for the comment.

  2. if you can always buy the biggest bag of rice, beans, sugar and salt. Than break them down into sterilized 2 liter bottles. This will save you money because of the lower per unit cost of the bigger bags. I know that buying a 100 lbs. bag of rice is not really practical buy buying that 20 lbs. just might be. Same goes for any food that you will regally. Buy if you the over size commercial size cans and jugs you will save a lot of money. This will take making a menu plan and sticking to it. If you are using a “bridge card” making a menu plan is real important and so is doing basic cooking and staying away for microwave and prepackage frozen diners. yes they are quick and easy but you pay for it in the end. Buying the store brands and lower cost brands also will save you a lot of money. and do not buy junk food and pop. one of the things that makes me mad is when I am in line and someone in front of me is buying chip and pop using a “bridge card” or food stamps to pay for it. I have even seen people buying stakes and crab legs and paying for it that way. I know – my rant.

    1. Hi Old Guy, These are all great tips! Buying the largest size definitely gives the best deal. thanks for the comment!

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