More Fun with Freeze Dried Food

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Yesterday I posted about pan frying the Thrive Dehydrated Roast Beef.  This was the “if I am out in the wilderness and have no other ingredients” part of the test.

In today’s post I wanted to see if this is a product that I would stock on a normal basis, as a possible ingredient for a quick dinner, or as an emergency meal when the power is out.

I started out the same way:  rehydrate the beef in some hot water.

rehydrating freeze dried roast beef
rehydrating freeze dried roast beef

Then I made a brown beef gravy and mixed it with the rehydrated beef pieces.

Brown gravy with rehydrated roast beef
Brown gravy with rehydrated roast beef

I then made some instant mash potatoes to go with the beef gravy.   I admit it, I take shortcuts with weeknight dinners.   This is after all an “emergency food” themed dinner.  For vegetables, I served canned corn, which counts as emergency food as well.

Here is the beef gravy over mashed potatoes:

beef gravy over mash potatoes
beef gravy over mash potatoes

As far as appearance and smell, not bad.  Time to dig in.  Hmmmmm…..   We did not much care for the texture of the dehydrated roast beef cooked in gravy.  It just got too rubbery for my taste.  Okay so the panfried method from yesterday was much better.   I think I will figure out other ways to cook it based on the panfried method such as tacos, beef hash with potatoes etc.

I hear the chicken and ground beef versions are pretty good.  I will have to try those another time!
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  1. That looks very savory. I’ve been eating a lot of rice and mashed potatoes with chicken or beef over it now that I am up here alone again. Seems to me, that freeze dried meat would be perfect for making long term storage staples more palatable over the long run in a disaster situation.

    1. ATH, I agree, having the dehydrated meats are still worthwhile for long term storage, and I would not mind eating them while out in the wilderness either.

  2. I haven’t ventured into the dehydrated meats yet, well, I ordered freeze dried sausage when I ordered the powdered scrambled eggs, that I think I saw a review for here.

    I just ordered some freeze dried foods to replace some that I used. We have a to go tote, along with our BOB, the tote has seven days worth of food, toilet paper, etc. On my list of things to grab in an emergency are the BOB, the food tote, a couple of cases of water and I’m working on a clothing tote, with warm clothing and extra under clothes for everyone.

    I ordered a bunch of different meals from and accidently ordered 23 packets of peaches and cream pie, not bad, just tried one. There good enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. I figure desserts serve a role. With kids they are calories, an incentive, treat, snack and variety to diet. And I say kids, but there dad has the worst sweet tooth of all. So, yes I stock desserts in a variety of forms.

    1. Hey countrygirl, Yes the powdered eggs did not disappoint; the can we opened for the experiment actually got a lot of usage. It’s good to have some dessert foods, keeps the morale up in an emergency. Peaches and cream pie sounds tasty, I will have to check campmor. Thanks!

  3. Bernie! I was sooo bummed you did not like the 2nd attempt. It actually looked good and like something I would whip up. I was just bummed that the texture was not there as I have been wanting to order this product and am leery now. With things being so expensive and short on money and needing meat for storage, I have to think again. Thanks for sharing. Keep the reviews coming. By the way, has anybody tried the powdered eggs blended in smoothies?

    1. Hi Clarissa, Me too, It looked pretty appetizing , but for the texture with the gravy just did not work out. I did hear the ground beef and chicken are much better, so I will have to check into those and report back. I have not tried the powdered eggs in smoothies, but I have some and will post about it when I try it out.

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