Money Mondays: A Guide that will Help You Prepare for the Most Likely Disaster that Can Happen to You

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

As I write this I just heard Sam’s Club in my neighborhood is closing its doors. Several other locations are closing as well. There has been no warning to the community, or the employees. The report did mention the affected employees will be paid for 60 days so they can be counted as fortunate since they can count on a paycheck for a couple of months. I still feel bad for the workers, as they scramble to find a way to transfer to another site or find another job. If they are unable to replace their job, it could mean a personal financial disaster for many people.

The Most Likely Disaster that Can Happen

When we think about emergency preparedness, we often envision preparing for a natural disaster such as earthquakes, hurricanes or floods. Rarely do we imagine a worker leaving their office for the final time, with a box carrying their personal items out of the building. The year has just started and we are already hearing about companies declaring bankruptcy, cutting back or relocating out of areas. That’s why I really believe a financial disaster is the most likely disaster that can happen to anyone. Even people who live in an area that rarely experiences natural disaster can lose their jobs, suffer a health crisis that prevents them from working or become overwhelmed with debt.

I recommend improving your finances now before anything happens.

What is The Cheapskate Guide to the Galaxy?


I was excited to hear Daisy Luther of Organic Prepper has started a frugality newsletter called The Cheapskate Guide to the Galaxy.

I admit I am on the skeptical side when it comes to finances or frugal living advice.  I have read so many books or “how to” articles that recycle the same old ideas over and over. When I buy a personal finance book or product, I count it as a win if I can find just one idea I can apply to my own life and start saving immediately.  The Cheapskate Guide to the Galaxy issue that I read offered so many great ideas I lost count. The newsletter itself is brimming with frugal living tips you can immediately start using. They are all very practical and doable.

I eagerly read all the materials I received for my sample month. I can tell you a subscription to the newsletter gives you access to a large amount of information, in addition to the newsletter itself.


The newsletter is just $5 an issue.  With a subscription, you also receive a personal finance e-book that is also full of actionable tips.  In terms of savings, a subscription pays for itself.

I highly recommend you give The Cheapskate Guide to the Galaxy a try.  Click this link and give it a try!


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