Polar Pure Water Disinfectant Review

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

I received a review sample of Polar Pure Water Disinfectant.  It is an iodine water disinfectant that kills viruses, living organisms (including Giardia cysts) and bacteria in the water. Polar Pure has been around for years, and has been well regarded by campers, backpackers and preppers.  Unfortunately, it went off the market around 2010 because meth cookers reportedly used the iodine crystals to manufacture methamphetamine.  This resulted in more stringent laws involving iodine crystals.  The manufacturers of Polar Pure redesigned the product’s formula, using just slightly more iodine and adding a more accurate temperature gauge.  The process to obtain licensing from the DEA took four years and now they are back in the market.

Polar Pure

Easy to use

To use, you simply add water (use a bandanna or t-shirt to filter out dirt and sediment from the water) to the bottle.  The solution will be ready to use in one hour.  The bottle has a dosage table showing how much to use to disinfect water.  It only takes one capful to purify one liter of water.


The Polar Pure comes in a small bottle.  I can see why backpackers and campers would want to have a Polar Pure bottle in their packs.  It is portable and good for many water treatments.


I tried the treated water, and detected a very slight iodine smell.  It did not really bother me, but if you like you can add a flavored drink mix to your water to improve the taste or smell.


Polar Pure costs $19.99 per bottle and will effectively treat Up to 2,000 quarts of water.  It is reasonably priced.

I think Polar Pure is a great product to have in your inventory of water purification methods.  However, if you are allergic to iodine or shellfish, you would need to choose a different purification method, as Polar Pure’s main ingredient is iodine.  I can see why many hikers and backpackers are glad Polar Pure is back on the market.   After testing it myself, I plan on purchasing a bottle or two, so I can add it to my emergency supplies.

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  1. My wife and I were first-hand witnesses of the flooding in Houston recently. It got me thinking about the bayou water as a resource (should the need arise.)
    Now I have several questions:
    1) Would the Polar Disinfectant work well with the muddy waters from the bayou?
    2) Would a Berkey water filter, or another kind of water filter be useful with this water?
    3) If a water filter is used, should/could I also use the Polar Disinfectant?
    Any answers are welcomed. THANKS!

  2. Joseph P.

    During flooding and Natural Disasters we see a spike in calls from people all across with similar questions.

    I invite you to call our founder Bob Wallace with any questions you might have about Polar Pure and Water Treatment in General
    408-867-4576 Pacific Time

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