Popular Heartburn Medicine May Have Cancer Causing Chemical

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has recently found that a popular heartburn drug, Zantac, and its generic equivalents may contain cancer causing chemicals.  Just to be clear, I am not a medical professional and this article is not to be taken as medical advice.  Just sharing this info as I know a lot of people who take these over-the-counter medications as well as stock up on them in their emergency supply stash.

According to WebMD, the contaminant is called NDMA (nitrosamine impurity N-nitrosodimethylamine). The article goes on to indicate:

“NDMA is the same contaminant found in many brands of blood pressure and heart failure medicines during the past year, leading to recalls.”

However, the FDA did not go as far as tell patients who take this drug that they need to stop taking it immediately. The FDA says patients who take this drug should talk to their healthcare provider for alternatives.

Are the alternatives any better?

It seems other heartburn or acid reflux medicines such as Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid also have issues, as this CBSnews article – Common heartburn drugs linked to kidney disease indicates. According to the article, the study published by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) said the researches found an increasing risk of kidney disease was associated with increasing dosages.  However,

“The study doesn’t establish a direct cause-and-effect relationship between the drugs and chronic kidney disease.”

What else is can relieve heartburn?

There are other heartburn relievers besides medications. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends lifestyle changes such as stress management as well as using raising boards to raise the head of your bed above your feet.  He also recommends avoiding stimulants such as caffeine and using DGL deglycyrrhizinated licorice.

Read more of Dr. Weil’s advice here.

Other recommendations, such as this one from DrAxe.com indicates eating smaller portions throughout the day instead of large meals, limiting the intake of foods that cause stomach acids. For a list of acid causing foods and other recommendations, click here.

What should you do if you take Zantac or one of the other heartburn meds?

Talk to your doctor on the safety of these medications and find out what alternatives are recommended. It’s best to be informed so you can decide what’s best for you.

Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from heartburn? Do you take one of these heartburn medicines or do natural remedies work for you? We welcome comments on what you think about this.


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  1. I use Black Cohosh which I started taking for hormone replacement instead of prescription drugs.
    A couple of weeks after taking this twice a day, I noticed I didn’t have acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and>>>>>>>>no night leg cramps.
    I make sure I have a supply now.

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