Prep for Now and Not Just for Later

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Last night I had a jolting reminder about preparedness.   On the previous day, we restocked our water and toilet paper storage, so I felt comfortable we were keeping up with replenishing supplies as they run low.   For dinner, we went out to eat at one of those “hole in the wall” neighborhood restaurants, a place we’ve eaten at a hundred times before.  It is usually pretty good.  This time, the dining experience didn’t turn out so well.  Before going to bed I started to feel ill, which just got progressively worse.  Turns out Apartment Prepper husband had been up feeling sick too.

I woke up at 2 am with bad stomach cramps, bad nausea and everything else in between.
After maybe an hour of throwing up, I needed to get some relief.  Checked the medicine cabinet and found a box of Alka Seltzer.  There was only one pack left in the box, and the paper was torn.  When dropped in water, the tablets just sat there and did not fizz.  They must have gotten oxydized.  Tried looking for Pepto Bizmol to help with the nausea and only found children’s Pepto in the cabinet.  We decided to take those, and doubled the dosage (not recommended but we were desperate).  Let me tell you, the children’s version is maybe ten times sweeter than the adult version, which did not help the nauseousness.

What happened to all my stomach relievers we had stocked up?  The reason we appeared to be all out, was we had sealed up most of the First Aid supplies for future use, and they were tucked away and sealed in buckets.  At 3 a.m. and in full misery, we were in no condition to hunt for the one mylar bag that had First Aid for stomach problems, sealed in a bucket underneath five others.  Eventually got some sleep and awoke still feeling sick.  The next day, we got ourselves over to the CVS to pick up those missing supplies.

Some days you feel secure and prepared, some days you just realize you have a lot to learn.   I thought we did good restocking on water and toilet paper, only to find out we did not do so hot on the First Aid side of things.  Learning to prepare properly we need to be well supplied for not only for future emergencies, but also take care of everyday emergencies as well.  I need to take inventory of what we that we can easily reach for when the need arises, and fill in any gaps.  This is a lesson I will not soon forget.


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  1. I was there last night with needing some NyQuil and it was expired.
    Like you I have first aid prepped in a large container sealed but I also have a large tackle box with my first aid items and was able to get a DayQuil that had a month till the expiration date. I’m going through all the meds in the first aid kit and bathroom to see what needs to be replaced. Thanks for mentioning Alka Seltzer, I was completely out and didn’t write that down.

    1. I could not agree more, I like to get a tool kit and use them as the mobile “Now” kits, I have one for peaple, one for house critters and one for barn critters, each one has its own little push on LED battery light on the top inside so I can have light and see no matter what time of day, and then they have a order, small stuff in the top rack, and bigger in the bottom, all the kits are lockable if ever needed, The other day, I stepped on a nail in the barn, its so great to know that if you say to your mate.. get the kit and everything you need is right there.

      Don’t know if you will like the idea or not but it works well for us.

      Sorry to hear that you were so sick!

      1. Hi farmgal, I think it’s a great idea to have those different toolkits. I’ve seen those tackle box types with separate compartments. I am going to pick up a couple and stock them. Must’ve been terrible to step on a nail in the barn, good thing you had everything you needed within easy reach. Thanks farmgal!

      2. A tool box is a great idea especially if you have kids around or young adults that don’t know better. In my kit I have everything marked so I know what it is in the event over the counter meds change labels and I mark the meds as well. I have gauze in every size from 2×2 to 9×12 abdominal pads, forceps, hemostats, gauze wrap, self adhesive wrap, bandages of all assortments, tweezers of different types, chem/glow sticks, flash light, spider wrap bandages, cpr masks (3), sutcher kit, antibiotic ointments, hydrocorisone, burn gel, triangle wraps, pressure bandages and other things I can’t remember in my main kit. Always check the expiration date, they say meds last pass that but I err on caution.

        1. Jarhead 03, sounds like you are pretty well stocked up now! I have most of the items you mentioned, but need the suture kit and plan to pick that up along with some quik clot, but they tend to be expensive.

    2. Hey Jarhead 03, sorry you were feeling poorly too! Guess I am not the only one this has happened too. I find Alka Seltzer tastes bad but does provide fast relief.

      1. Thanks! I’m feeling better now. A bug was going around. I made a Walmart and Walgreens trip last and while adding a few additions of rice, beans and canned goods to the pantry I took my medical list picking up medical supplies and medicines. What they didn’t have I picked up at Walgreens on the way home. I spread it between the medicine cabinet, restock the main first aid kit and my other first kits for the BOB, hiking pack and get home bag.

  2. That’s pretty horrible. I don’t eat out a lot much anymore because so many people are having that kind of experience. We keep a “ready box” of medical supplies in a big closet in our pantry. Usually, I can find what I need in there.

    1. Hey ATH, this experience made me not want to eat out much either. Sounds like your ready box has come in handy a few times. I am going to keep a well stocked tackle box/tool kit type box on hand all the time.

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