Worse than No TV!

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The past week has been tougher on me than last week, our TV free week.   Because this week we had no internet.  The broadband install did not occur as planned, leaving us with no way to connect from home.  I was able to briefly check on the blog and email by going to the apartment office that has free wi-fi but I don’t really feel comfortable using public wi-fi.

I now realize I am quite dependent on the internet for a number of things:

–Communicating with others:  I get school emails, updates about orders shipped etc.  Without access to email, I am unable to find this out.  I know I can use the computer at work, but my employer keeps tabs on all online activity so I try to avoid that.

–Researching anything from why my knee feels cramped up to helping kids with homework

–Checking on bank accounts

–Blogging on this site and checking on my favorite blogs.

–Printing directions to new areas.

–Keeping current on the news.

–Shopping for items.

I would really miss the internet terribly if it somehow got interrupted.  I think I will pick up another solar charger that can charge the laptop in case of a power outage.

I apologize to the readers I have been a bit scarce this week, and have not been able to post regularly.  Hopefully I will be back to my regular schedule next week.


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  1. No apologies needed. Glad, however, that you are back online!

    On a related matter, our island is having a planned power outage tonight so we will have an opportunity to see if our new, 10kw whole house generator is working the way it is supposed to. When the power goes it, it is supposed to come on within seconds. Fingers crossed since it was a huge investment, dollar wise.

    — Gaye

  2. Now, I feel bad for you. I’m on the internet more then I should be. One of my prepper goals this year is to be a “news junkie” to be aware of local, state, govenment and international happenings. This has been a daunting goal and really does take time everyday. I couldn’t do this without the internet, of course I don’t have cable television. Even at work I use it constantly, I work in the justice/social work field and use it for contacts, research, communication, etc.

    1. countrygirl, I think without the internet things would be a lot tougher than they are now, esp for [people like you and me who use it a lot.

  3. Funny you should post on this because I found myself in a somewhat similar situation (albeit much less severe) today.

    I had taken my beloved scooter in to the shop for a little TLC, and was informed that it was going to be a couple hours before they would even be able to tell what was wrong with it.

    I had my computer with me, and instantly started thinking about where I could scrounge up some wifi. I made the following mental list of the best places: libraries, coffee shops and cafes, bookstores, malls, museums, and parks.

    I located a mall about 1 mile away, and hoofed it there in about 15. As soon as I found a plug to filch some power from and got plugged in, the mechanic shop called. I was headed right back…haha par for the course right?

    I was wondering why so light on the updates this week. Glad your online again!

    1. Hey Dan, Glad your trusty scooter is back in business with minimal time needed to fix it. It’s a good thing you live in an area that is scooter-friendly. I think I’d be scared to be on a scooter out here where I live, too many drivers of huge trucks that barely pay attention to the road!

  4. I love having the internet and work gives me a wifi card. I take it everywhere, along with the computer, so unless I’m really out in the boonies I can get on the internet. The only problem with it is that sometimes I spend more time reading than doing. Time sure flies when you are surfing rather than doing chores!

    1. Whatifitstoday, surfing the internet does fill the time! One of the reasons I missed it so much when I had to do without. I know we did not have internet in my younger days, and did just fine, but now I have it, I would not give it up.

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