Shoppers Turning into Savages over a Sale

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

It seems that every Black Friday there is some incident that leaves me wondering how people can go wild and out of control over store sales.  The latest craziness happened in Los Angeles when a woman sprayed pepper spray at other shoppers so she can snag the sale items.

The scene described in the article indicates that people were already pushing and shoving even before the pepper spray occurred.   They were tearing off plastic wrapped gaming consoles, pushing others and trampling on unwanted items like picture frames and DVDs.

This is not a new phenomenon:  who can forget that in 2008 a Walmart employee got trampled to death in Long Island, N.Y. on Black Friday.  I won’t even get into a discussion of the stranglehold of consumerism that possesses people; my family and I were talking about the reactions of people when they get desperate over stuff.  If a mob can act this way over video games and store sales, imagine what kind of frenzy they will turn into if food and water were ever to run out during a disaster or collapse.   If people were frantic enough to act this way over trivial things, think of what barbarians they will turn into if they were desperate to feed their families because they did not prepare when they had the chance.

All I know is, I would not want to be in the throngs of people fighting over the last bottled water or toilet paper before a hurricane or other expected disaster; much less right after a some unforeseen event or economic collapse.   If a Walmart sale can turn shoppers into savages, think of what they can become if SHTF and they were really in dire straits. Prepare now before it’s too late!


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  1. First, I’d like to say that your site has been a favorite of mine to visit. Secondly, I will be hitting the other stores if The SHTF to get secondary items. I remember during 9/11 that it was about 12 hours later that the run on gasoline began to happen. I want to be no where near WallyWorld or a grocery store.

    1. Hi Karl, I agree, the secondary stores would be much safer and easier to get in and out of. Glad you like the site. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I stay away from black friday sales. Even though the sporting goods sales and other “less female to male ratio” stores. I noticed even wives and gfs going into these stores looking for sales on cold weather clothing and shoes tend to get pretty rude and have no problem throwing an elbow like a hockey player or mixed martial arts fighter. I look for the stores that have secondary hour sales that you may pay $5 – $20 more for an item but deal with less crowded stores. I’m sending pictures on the cell phone of things for my gf to pick up for me and I pay her back lol.

  3. Nice tactic Jarhead….find somebody else already in the mayhem.

    The craziness can always be counted on. Cyber monday is a much tamer “sport” (although my computer has seen it’s fair share of vicious clicking). 🙂

  4. I have always claimed shopping was evil *grin* this just proves it! Seriously, I’ve never been one to wade into that kind of mob, even if it meant saving $100 dollars on a whatever. I don’t like crowds and I’m claustrophobic, so shopping on a Black Friday is hell for me. I sure see your point tho, Bernie. I can only imagine how desperation and fear can turn a mild-mannered, perfectly coiffed woman into a snarling, spitting, scared bruiser of a shopper!

    It’s worth it, I think, to make sure we don’t have to wade out into that mayhem; wether it is due to grocery stores not getting their deliveries, price wars, resource depletion or whatever. We’re better off not having that stress, danger and risk. We’re better off preparing now.

    1. I’m with you there, Carolyn, I’m not one to fight the crowds no matter how good the savings. Always felt a bit strange, as I too hate crowds and feel closed in when shopping in a mall. I do my best shopping online 🙂

  5. I never go to those sales, people act crazy during the best of times. I live in a largely populated area and truthfully, I encounter rude and inconsiderate people just buying bread on a Tuesday. I started prepping in part because I have no desire to fight over a bag of beans when the weather turns ugly.

    1. Good for you ChaChaGirl, Glad you started prepping, we all would not want to deal with these crazy people if times get worse.

  6. Apartment Prepper, I have never in my life been to a large store on a Black Friday – well, I did, but it was different. I made it to a local Walmart last year after midnight to buy a crockpot for a few dollars – it was a good investment.

    I did see a bit of mayhem and there were armed police officers all over the store.

    I understand the need for armed police officers because the videos you’ve linked show that otherwise “normal” citizens will go nuts over certain goods, but it’s unfortunate that police precincts need to dispatch some of their men to babysit adults in retail stores when communities would be better served if these officers were able to do their jobs as normal – to be on patrol, etc.

    I also agree – Cyber Monday has good deals. But for me, rather than spending $100 or $150 or $200 on a gadget, I’d rather buy AG coins (you know what that is! ;)), or ammunition, or a quality item such as a water filter or a power pack, or some other stuff that will be helpful at any situation.

    Also, btw: I went to the gun range the other day, and the ammo I had wasn’t too good – I left with gunpowder all over my hands. Fortunately though, because my vehicle mergency kit includes a canister of moist wipes, I was able to get my hands clean and sanitized, rather than to wait to get home (the gun range’s restroom was subpar). ALWAYS a good thing to be prepared!

    1. Hey Armed and Prepping, Yes it is a shame the police have to babysit grown men and women misbehaving at the store over sale items. It is a shameful state of affairs that society has devolved into this, all in the name of consumerism. Glad your supplies came in handy – never hurts to be prepared.

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