Shortages are Getting Worse: Prepare Now

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Written by Bernie Carr

We’ve been writing about shortages since this past summer, hoping that the supply chain would soon improve. But the situation does not appear to be getting any better; indeed even the main stream media has been covering these shortages.

It’s looking like the shortages are only going to get worse before things get better. And you know what happens when there is a high demand for things that are scarce. Much like the great toilet paper shortage in 2020, but a lot more far reaching as far as more products become hard to find.

I’m not going to get into the various causes of these shortages, but this video goes into more detail:

How do you prepare for shortages?

Don’t panic. Instead, do what you can to prepare. Now is the time to stock up on things that you use regularly.

  1. Take advantage of sales – watch those grocery fliers in the mail or clip those coupons online. Take advantage of loss leaders and stock up when the price is right.

2. Shop early for Christmas/holiday/birthday gifts. If you have anything specific in mind, buy it now while it’s in stock. If you wait, it may not be available later.

3. Take inventory of your most used items such as hygiene supplies, over the counter medications, pet supplies, and figure out if you need to resupply now.

4. If you need car repairs or parts replacements, make an appointment with your service center now. I am hearing about long waits for appointments and parts.

5. If you know you will need to replace electronics or an appliance, you may need to buy it now, even if you may feel you are not ready. You may not be able to find the item later and even if you do, prices are only going to go up.

6. Order extra refills for prescription medicines for yourself and your pets (if any).

7. Don’t be stuck on one brand – be flexible.

Hopefully, this is a temporary situation and the supply lines will once again run smoothly.

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