Emergency Food Company has Run Out of Supplies

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Written by Bernie Carr

Things are getting interesting, my dear readers. A major emergency food company, Augason Farms is shutting down for 90 days because they are unable to meet orders. In short, they have run out of supplies so they have shut down until they can secure inventory.

What is Augason Farms?

In case you hadn’t heard, Augason Farms is a large supplier of emergency foods that has been around since 1972. I have seen their products sold in Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and Amazon.

Below is the letter that customers have received:

When the letter first started circulating a lot of people thought it was fake and did not believe it to be true. After all, how could a company that’s in the business of manufacturing emergency food run out of supplies themselves? Well, it is true. I checked their website and it shows:

What does this mean to us?

If a large company that has lots of sources can actually run out of supplies, what about the average people like us? This sounds like a wake-up call to take emergency food storage more seriously.

  • If you haven’t started already, get your food storage plans into action.
  • Create your product stockpile.
  • Make your own MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)
  • Build your survival food storage. while supplies are still readily available. Rice, beans, oatmeal, flour, sugar, salt and other basics are still affordable right now.
  • If you want to procure freeze dried food, there is availability right now. Augason Farms Amazon store appears to be active, but some items appear to be out of stock or will not ship for at least one to three weeks.There are other distributors that also carry Augason Farms.
  • There are other manufacturers of freeze dried foods such as Mountain House, Nutrient Survival.
  • If you prefer to get your own “build your own” supply chain info, check out Daisy Luther’s offer The Pantry Bundle Plus, currently offered at a discounted rate. We have no financial interest in this, just sharing info that could help you.
  • Learn ways to avoid food storage problems. Don’t just accumulate food and water and leave them out in the garage- that is not the best place for storing. It would be a shame if your food storage got ruined by pests and other factors, so take the extra step of storing properly.
  • If you are on public assistance, you can still build an emergency food stockpile. Here are some tips.
  • If you are short on funds, one way you can stockpile is by buying in bulk with a friend or relative and split the quantities.
  • Learn to stop wasting food and save money. Here is a video I made on the topic: https://youtu.be/8P6Ojeh5Wsw
  • Freeze foods so you can save them for later. https://youtu.be/1fy9A8TPhKI

Hope these tips help you get started.

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