Should You Stop Preparing for Emergencies if You Feel Secure?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I came across this article that indicates less people are prepping because they feel confident about the President.  See Doomsday preppers are thinning out across the US, and it may be because President Trump quiets their fears.

The article quotes several business owners in the industry who confirm that the number of customers or event attendees have dwindled since President Trump took office. Rick Austin, who organizes “Prepper Camp” in North Carolina was quoted:

“Businesses are down because people have kind of gone, ‘Oh, you know, Trump’s in office, we don’t have to worry about anything…”

The article goes on to quote other people in the business as well data backing up the assertion.  Many people feel they no longer need to be prepared because they feel secure.

Prepping is more than doom and gloom

I’m not disputing the findings that less people are into preparedness these days. I do find that blog traffic is less from the previous years. But I think one aspect of preparedness that is not covered in the article is preparing for everyday disasters such as a short term regional weather emergencies, sudden illness or unemployment.  People continue to prepare for these “normal” situations.

Prepping as insurance

Regardless of who’s in the White House, I think being prepared for emergencies and disasters is here to stay. I see it as a form of insurance against perils of disasters and financial downturns. You don’t drop your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance because a fire has not happened in the area; you have it just in case.  You still keep paying for insurance and hope nothing happens and you never have to use it.

Final thoughts

In answer to the title question – should you stop preparing for emergencies if you feel secure, my answer would be no.  There are plenty of emergencies and disasters that can happen, regardless of who is sitting in the White House, and regardless of feeling secure at the moment.  Being prepared is prudent and just plain common sense.

What do you think about this?  Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I know a lot of people do prep that feel differently from the ones portrayed in the article. Thanks for weighing in!

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