Storage Food Taste Test: Tuna Steaks in a Pouch

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I found this item that stores fairly well and does not take up a lot of room:  tuna steaks in a pouch.

Lemon Pepper Tuna Steak

It did not sound very appetizing at first.  Before buying more, we opened up a couple of pouches and found they contained a solid piece of tuna steak with a small amount of liquid.  The tuna steak comes fully cooked, but it’s best to lightly brown it in a pan.

Tuna Steaks Cooking

We conducted a “taste test”  including four adults and four kids.  The taste test was conducted out in the park where we warmed them up in a skillet over a barbecue grill.  The brand we tried was Bumble Bee, but Star Kist also has them.  We tested the Lemon Pepper flavor, and the Mesquite.  Three out of four adults liked the Lemon Pepper tuna steak and all four kids liked them.  I think the one adult preferred the Mesquite flavor.

The tuna steak in a pouch is a good storage food addition if you do not have a lot of room for storage in your pantry.   I will start picking up regular tuna in pouches as well to save on space.

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  1. I’ve found these at the 99 cent store! We have been given these in our lunches for work. They are easy to throw into a pack and are good enough straight out of the pouch. Packing out the pouches is much easier than packing out cans since you can roll them up and store in a ziplock bag.

    1. I need the check the 99 cent store then, since i bought mine from the market for a couple of bucks.

  2. The tuna sounds good, but I’d like mine without being preseasoned. It’s amazing how many soup mixes and entrees are packed in pouches, too.

  3. I have very limited space in my apartment to store things. I love tuna and with the different flavor varieties, this look like a great item to stock up on. I would imagine this product would have a long shelf life with the way they are packaged so I may be adding a few to my shopping cart (if not too expensive).

    1. The shelf life was the same as canned goods- a couple of years, so they are a worthwhile addition if you don’t have a lot of space like me. They were not not expensive, around $2 and change at the supermarket, but Comment from Whatifitistoday? below mentioned they are available at the 99 cent store. Even better!

  4. I have been eating that pouch tuna for a long time. I like the different flavors. Never really thought of it as a survival food because I had the vague idea the pouches wouldn’t last. Now I know they will, I can stock up.

    1. The ones I picked up have the same shelf life as canned foods, not super long term, but good for a couple of years.

  5. I have picked some of the pouch tuna at Wal-Mart on occasion, and I think the lemon pepper taste the best myself. They are better warmed up, but in a bug-out situation, the fact that you don’t need to cook them is a big plus.

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