Survival Hax Paracord EDC Keychain – Review

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Today we are reviewing the Survival Hax 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain with Waterproof Pill Bottle.

What is it?

It’s a key chain (comprised of woven paracord and carabiner), with a waterproof pill container that contains a survival kit. 

I opened the pill container and found:

  • cotton tinder
  • fire starter rod
  • fishing line
  • hooks
  • weights
  • floaters
  • sinkers
  • swivels
  • eye knife
  • safety pins
  • wire saw

I’m amazed they were able fit all these items inside.  The paracord unties to 4 feet.  If you were to be stranded out in the wilderness you can assemble everything you need to make your own fishing pole, as well as build a fire.

The keychain, pill bottle and items inside all look to be well-constructed.

What I like about it is, I can customize the contents for whatever I need to carry.  I assembled a mini first aid kit and fit everything in the pill bottle quite easily.   They are handy to have around.   It is reasonably priced.  I plan to get a couple more:  one to carry and to give as gifts.  You can find them at the Survival Hax website or here.

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  1. In my car I have blankets, water(that I change every month) food, batteries, flashlights. hand held radios, maps, and other things because where I live people have been known to get stuck with their cars in the snow and I want to be prepared for anything.

  2. I carry season appropriate stuff in my car, in my purse I carry knife, ferro rod, lighters,paracord.

  3. Normally, I have at least 1 knife, pen, paper, and paracord on my body. I have a bag close at hand with a bit more.

  4. This is awesome & compact! I carry a lifestraw, a gerber multi tool, a CRKT knife, 3 days of medications, a backup cell phone and a firestarter in my handbag every time I leave the house!

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