Survival on Screen: 8 Blockbuster Movies to Ignite Interest in Preparedness

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Written by Bernie Carr

There is a lot of interest in preparedness but many people are not sure how to get their family involved. I always recommend they watch a disaster movie together. In my experience, it gets everyone talking about what they would do if such a thing were to happen.

Survival movies serve as both thrilling entertainment and thought-provoking glimpses into the importance of preparedness. From apocalyptic scenarios to extraterrestrial invasions, these films not only captivate audiences but also inspire a renewed interest in being ready for the unexpected. Here are eight must-watch survival movies that will undoubtedly pique your family’s interest in preparedness.

  1. “2012” (2009):
    • Directed by Roland Emmerich, “2012” takes the disaster film genre to new heights as it explores the catastrophic events predicted by the Mayan calendar. From earthquakes to tsunamis, the film’s intense survival sequences will have you questioning your own preparedness for large-scale disasters.
  2. “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004):
    • Another Emmerich masterpiece, “The Day After Tomorrow,” delves into a world where climate change triggers extreme weather events, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. The film serves as a visually stunning reminder of the potential consequences of environmental upheaval, urging viewers to consider their own preparedness for such scenarios.
  3. “Independence Day” (1996):
    • Directed by Roland Emmerich (again), “Independence Day” showcases humanity’s fight for survival against extraterrestrial invaders. While the likelihood of an alien invasion may be slim, the film prompts viewers to ponder how they would respond in the face of an unexpected and unprecedented threat, emphasizing the need for adaptability and readiness.
  4. “Contagion” (2011):
    • Directed by Steven Soderbergh, “Contagion” offers a chilling portrayal of a global pandemic. A lot of people revisited this movie during the early days of the pandemic. The film’s realistic depiction of the rapid spread of a deadly virus serves as a stark reminder of the importance of personal hygiene, healthcare preparedness, and community resilience in the face of contagious diseases.
  5. “War of the Worlds” (2005):
    • Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic novel, “War of the Worlds,” follows a family’s struggle for survival during an alien invasion. The film prompts viewers to consider the implications of widespread panic, the breakdown of societal structures, and the necessity of having a plan in place for unexpected crises.
  6. “Deep Impact” (1998):
    • Directed by Mimi Leder, “Deep Impact” explores the consequences of an impending asteroid collision with Earth. As governments and individuals grapple with the impending catastrophe, the film underscores the importance of preparation at both the individual and governmental levels for events that could alter life as we know it.
  7. “Dante’s Peak” (1997):
    • This disaster film directed by Roger Donaldson focuses on the eruption of a fictional volcano in the Pacific Northwest. “Dante’s Peak” highlights the importance of early warning systems, community preparedness, and evacuation plans in the face of natural disasters.
  8. “San Andreas” (2015):
    • Dwayne Johnson stars in this action-packed film that explores the aftermath of a massive earthquake along the San Andreas Fault. As rescue pilot Ray Gaines, Johnson’s character navigates the destruction to save his family, showcasing the importance of having a family emergency plan and being ready for seismic events.

These eight survival movies not only provide thrilling cinematic experiences but also serve as catalysts for discussions on preparedness. Whether facing natural disasters, alien invasions, or global pandemics, these films prompt viewers to reflect on their own readiness for the unexpected. As you enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action on screen, consider how these narratives might inspire you to take practical steps in preparing for unforeseen events in your own life. After all, in the world of survival, a little preparation can make all the difference. Do you have a favorite disaster movie? Please share in the comments.

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