Tech for Preparedness: Navigating Survival in the Digital Age

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Written by Bernie Carr

When I started writing about preparing for emergencies back in 2010, survival sites actually avoided discussing technological gadgets, preferring to stick with low-tech methods such as paper maps, battery operated gadgets. However, a lot of things have changed since then. These days, tech isn’t just about the latest trends – in the quest for being prepared some technology doesn’t hurt. Many gadgets can be used as survival tools, helping us not just survive but thrive in everyday life.

Navigation Apps: Your Digital Compass

Okay, admit it – getting lost is not fun. But fear not! Thanks to nifty apps like Google Maps, Waze, and GPS navigation on your smartphone, finding your way has become a piece of cake. Whether you’re in the concrete jungle or a real one, these apps are your ticket to staying on the right path. I will say though, that you must review what the app is telling you, as there are cases where people are steered down the wrong path. Look at the directions the app is showing before following them, don’t just follow blindly. And, have paper maps as backup just in case.

Emergency Alerts: Your Smartphone’s Alert System

Emergency alert systems shoot you timely messages about everything from wild weather to unexpected disasters. It’s like having a superhero sidekick keeping you in the loop, helping you make those quick decisions.

Solar-Powered Devices: Harness the Sun

When the power’s out, you need a trusty backup. Enter solar-powered devices – your sustainable and portable solution. From chargers for your gadgets to lanterns and flashlights, these gadgets soak up the sun’s rays, making sure you stay connected, even when the power grid is interrupted.

Communication Tools: Your Digital Walkie-Talkie

Staying connected is the name of the game in survival situations. Two-way radios, satellite phones, and those emergency communication apps are like your digital walkie-talkies. They bridge the gap when life throws a curveball, making coordination and support a breeze.

Wearable Technology: Your Health Buddy

Let’s talk about wearable tech – your personal health buddy. Smartwatches and fitness trackers do more than count your steps. In survival mode (depending on the model), they track vital signs such as pulse, heart rhythm, keep an eye on hydration levels, and dish out health insights, helping manage your physical condition.

Survival Apps: Your Digital Swiss Army Knife

Survival apps are like the digital version of a Swiss Army knife. First aid guides, survival manuals, outdoor navigation – you name it, they’ve got it. These apps are your pocket-sized digital companions, giving you all the intel you need right at your fingertips.

Emergency Power Banks: Your Device’s Lifesaver

Mobile devices are your lifelines in the midst of chaos – communication tools, navigational aids, and information hubs. Emergency power banks are the unsung heroes, ensuring your gadgets stay charged when traditional power sources are not available.

Drone Technology: Your Eyes in the Sky

Drones are not just cool toys; they’re your eyes in the sky during survival situations. Fitted with cameras, they give you a bird’s-eye view, helping you scope out the surroundings, plan those escape routes, and locate resources like a survival guide.


In a world where tech is ever present, let’s make it work for us when the going gets tough. From navigating the concrete jungle to staying connected in the great outdoors, technology isn’t just about staying trendy – it’s about arming ourselves with the tools to conquer the unexpected. So, embrace the digital age, let tech be part of your survival toolbox, and tackle the uncertainties that come your way.

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