Taste Test: Backpacker’s Pantry Chili Mac with Beef

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Time for another taste test.  This time, we picked up Chili Mac with Beef by Backpackers Pantry.  We like to try out prepared freeze dried food from time to time to see if it would be a good addition to our emergency food stash.

Backpacker's Pantry Chili Mac with Beef
It looked pretty good before we added water

The Chili Mac was super easy to prepare:  after you remove the oxygen absorber, add the specified amount of boiling water and let stand for a few minutes.

It looked too soupy for a macaroni dish so I drained out some of the water and let it stand a few more minutes.  It did dry out after a while, then it was ready for the test.  Chili mac had a pleasant and appetizing smell.  The texture and taste were also good.  However, after I ate it, I felt it had an artificial aftertaste that I did not care for.  I am sure it would taste a lot better eating it in the great outdoors or when you are very hungry, however, at today’s taste test, it did not meet my expectations.  If you like chili macaroni and do not mind a strong aftertaste, this may be a good choice; if not, try another flavor.

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    1. Tried both, but took mostly pics of the Mountain House. This one is for Backpacker’s Pantry. Thanks for the catch!!

  1. The freeze dried food is a good because it’s light and fairly simple to prepare. I also have some spices, like hot sauce from Taco Bell, that help change the flavor a bit. However, if you have to watch your salt/sodium intake, these are really emergency-only rations. They are designed for hikers who are working up a sweat and losing salt. One serving of chili mac provides 1330 milligrams of sodium.

  2. “If you like chili macaroni and do not mind a strong aftertaste, this may be a good choice”

    Sounds good to me. I see a lot of backpackers around Mesa. It’s a great place to go to, if you haven’t been there yet.

    Mesa Visitor Guide

    1. Have driven by Mesa, but haven’t stopped to visit yet. Good to know about backpacking options over there.

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