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We are watching every penny these days, but still want to continue adding to our emergency supplies.  Before buying a new item, we compare prices between local area stores and internet sources like Amazon.  While we were at the store, I was starting to write all the items and prices down  when my husband came up with a good idea.  He said, “Why not use your cell phone and just take a picture of the item and price?”  I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about doing this before, but it sure saved a lot of time.  I tried not to be obvious about it, and if any clerk would have asked me to stop I would have.  Not sure how it would be at your store, but this technique sure made price comparisons a lot easier.

Capture the item and price in the photo and make price comparison a lot easier.




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  1. There’s an idea I did not think of. I do not think they would mind you taking a picture 🙂 Thanks for sharing .

  2. If the store clerk sees you, and hasn’t been watching you for a long time, just say, “I’m not sure if this is the one my son was talking about, he’s in the Boy Scouts”.

    It is completely logical to be sending a photo to your “son” to make sure it is the right item. 😉

  3. If you have a smartphone, you can download an app that will allow you to take a picture of the barcode and it will bring up all the places in your area that might have the product and the advertised prices. If you are using the Amazon app on your phone, you can then look up the price as well. Just my 2cents… but it could save you guys a lot of time…

  4. Back in the day, I always shopped the Sears Catalog before I went to the store to buy something. The internet has made it backwards! I go shopping in the store and then compare what’s on Amazon!

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