This is What Happens During a Food Crisis

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

These last few weeks, I have been seeing some dire warnings from economic forecasters, about risks of another financial disaster, in spite of good economic news from main stream sources.  However, a large segment of our society still seems to be oblivious to the need to prepare.  They have no clue what happens when truck deliveries stop, or when grocery stores run out of food.

What happens during a food crisis?

To find out what happens when there are no supplies to be found, one need look no further than current events in Venezuela.

This is getting very little coverage in the evening news, but people should be paying attention.  Venezuela’s citizens are experiencing shortages of the most basic supplies such as milk, flour and rice.  With shortages come higher prices, as demand outstrips supplies.  People cannot afford to keep up with food prices that increase daily.  Even if they had the money to shop, people wait in line for four or more hours just to get groceries.

Imagine not having any food in your pantry, even when you have cash to spend.  People are risking their lives just to buy a few groceries.  With no food to feed their families, they are getting angry and desperate.   As a result, violence is erupting throughout the cities:  shootings and stabbings are daily occurrences while waiting in line to get in the grocery store; looting has become widespread.

People may say, this can never happen here, Venezuela is just another poor country.  Venezuela is considered a developing country, however, it has some of the world’s richest petroleum reserves, and is the largest exporter of oil in Latin America.  Not too long ago, it was a thriving, prosperous country.   However, government corruption and mismanagement of finances have caused an economic crisis and eroded the citizens’ faith in their government.

How do you protect yourself from a food crisis?

It doesn’t take much to interrupt the supply chain and cause food shortages.  The best way to protect yourself and your family would be to have to basic food supplies on hand of foods you eat normally, as well as a small stockpile of items you use daily such as toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc.

Resolve to pick up an extra package or two of staple foods such as rice, sugar, flour, pasta, spaghetti sauce, canned foods, on your weekly shopping trips.  Keep adding a little extra each week.  In a short time, you will have an emergency food stash for any emergency.   Aim to have a month’s worth of food, then go from there, depending on your storage space.  Keep track of what you have and resupply before you completely run out, giving yourself time to for coupons and sales.

Buy in bulk if you have a warehouse store card, or split large packages with family and friends who also want to build a stockpile.

Learn how to grow food, even if you have a small space.  You can grow an herb garden in the tiniest of balconies.  If you have lots of space, plant some fruit trees and grow some vegetables.  Or, you can participate in a community garden near you.

Food shortages can happen anywhere and it does not hurt to be prepared.  Even if nothing happens, learning to grow food will help you save money.  You’ll save time as well:  you’ll avoid running out of supplies and having to do those last minute trips to the store.

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  1. I often see advise on being part of a community garden to help in a food crisis. Unless a person is willing to stand guard and shoot people what do you think will stop the folks that are willing to stab you in a food line from stealing the food from this garden?

    1. Since we are currently not in a food crisis/societal breakdown, now is a good time to participate in a community garden and learn skills. In a collapse situation, I agree it would be far too dangerous. Thanks for the comment.

    2. Let me ask it another way…why wouldn’t a person stand guard and shoot people that are stealing food from the garden? If you don’t have the stomach to defend what you own with lethal force after teotwawki then you had better get your last will and testament ready b4 shft. Thanks and rather you can it accept it or not, you have just been give some very good life saving advice.

  2. I think your idea to plant fruit trees is an excellent idea. Remember to try to plant two or more of each tree so so they can pollinate or cross pollinate each other. If you don’t you’ll be left with a tree that bears no fruit. Caution: deer love the leaves and buds of fruit trees so if you can put up abit of a blockade or fence far enough around each tree so the deer can’t reach them you’ll have much better success in ensuring your effort bare fruit so to speak.

  3. Actually I think having deer coming to eat your fruit tree leaves and buds would make things ALOT easier for getting meat in a SHTF scenario

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