September 4, 2019

Tips to Help You Disappear from the Internet

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Do you sometimes worry there is too much information “out there” about you? I realize it is very difficult to actually disappear from the internet but you can try to reduce the amount of information.  I often advise people to keep a low profile in their social media and not reveal too much as someone may take advantage.  The infographic below provides some helpful tips.




Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

4 Comments on Tips to Help You Disappear from the Internet

  1. Hello. I am new to your site. I am not an apartment dweller, but a few of your posts have been helpful to me. This topic is of extreme interest to me, however, I can’t copy and paste an infograph into a Word doc to save. (I always put the full link at the bottom and never copy to use anywhere except for my own use, nor do I share unless I give the link to someone else to read online). I am disappointed that I can’t have the information given here.

    • Hi Carol, I will contact you via email to give you the tips so you can save them. Thanks for the comment.

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