Truckers Won’t Deliver to Cities Planning to Defund Police

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

Just a quick post today, as I ran across a news item that caught my eye, as it could potentially affect the supply chain in certain areas in the near future.

We’ve been warning about upcoming shortages for a few months now, with COVID-19 pandemic causing disruptions in the supply chain, civil unrest making it unsafe for trucks to making deliveries.  Now, there is one more thing that may cause shelves to become empty again: truckers may refuse to make deliveries to cities that defund their police departments.

According to FoxBusiness, a survey that will soon be released indicates that of 258 police departments, almost half have had their budgets cut.

Truckers don’t feel safe

A trucking company owner has indicated that if their drivers do not feel safe entering an area that has defunded its police department, they will not send services to those cities.

That’s because truckers carry a lot of valuable cargo and they may fear for their safety.

News reports in the last few months have shown that rioters have hijacked trucks and attacked drivers. Some reports indicate that bricks and other debris have been thrown at trucks passing under bridges or overpasses in areas experiencing civil unrest.

Insurance may not cover these areas

Another issue that may come up is if insurance does not provide coverage in areas that have civil unrest, a trucking company will not want to send their drivers to those areas.

When trucks stop coming, shelves are emptied

I have seen what happens when trucks stop coming. I have been in hurricane ravaged areas where store shelves stay empty until the next delivery comes. But those were due to natural disasters.  We also saw it during the panic buying frenzy earlier this year. Trucks could not come fast enough to deliver toilet paper, so those items ran out quickly.

What does this mean to you?

There is no need to panic, just stay aware of the developments in your area.

  • If you happen to live in an area that is planning to defund its police department, you may have to drive to another area to buy your necessities.
  • You need to stock up now in case the supply chains are disrupted. That way you have enough supplies so you don’t run out right away.
  • Find alternate sources for your needs.



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  1. Sounds to me like the city people who are getting out of the city for good are the smart ones. What are the ones that stay going to do? Look up “Donner Party.”

  2. To ALL Truckers……just stay safe and protect yourselves. If I see any one of you needing help, I’ll jump in immediately and be by your side, kickin “A” and takin names, right along with you.

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