4 Ways Prepping Skills Can Help You Start a Business

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Written by Vanessa Davis

Almost everyone has watched at least one movie where the doomsday is depicted. This was always a pretty intriguing topic, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hollywood decided to make the most of it in its movies.

In reality, we can see that a lot of people take this question very seriously. All over the world, people are preparing for some kind of doomsday, either in terms of religion’s apocalypse or natural disasters.

What’s scary about doomsday is that it strikes in a matter of seconds and it comes unexpectedly. Therefore, we cannot be fully prepared for it. You can be sure that quite a lot of people are actually interested in this topic and your knowledge surely has a public of its own.

So, there is absolutely no reason why you should use some of your skills for making a profit. So, we’ve decided to do actually that, to present you with the 4 ways prepping skills can be used for creating your own business. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Selling Products You’ve Produced

The most obvious way you can profit from prepping skills you’ve obtained is to sell the products you’ve managed to produce or collect. Since you’re preparing yourself for the end of the world, you have likely learned how to make many things independently of anyone.

Therefore, we are talking about products like home-made shampoos, soaps, woodcraft, knives, etc. A lot of people assemble essential items for emergencies and create survival kits. These are packages that consist of every possible product you will need in case of a doomsday scenario.

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At the same time, farming is one of the essential skills when we are talking about survivalism. You will not get too far if you don’t have at least the basic knowledge about growing vegetables and fruits. In case you’ve already produced more rations that you really need at this point, there is nothing wrong selling extra amounts for profit.

Thankfully, there is a lot of different websites where you can place your products. What’s more, you can create your own online store. This way, you can invest even more money into things that you will really need in case the apocalypse really happens.

2. Become a Survival Instructor

All of us can agree that survival takes some serious skills. We’ve already talked about how many things you need to know before you can claim that you are prepared for the doomsday scenario. Plus, a high number of people are interested in learning about what someone who has knowledge in this field has to say.

In fact, we can see that many local survival courses emerged in the state of Pennsylvania in the last couple of years. These facts support our claim that you can make a successful business from the skills you’ve learned over the years.

You can teach people in a wide array of different fields like map reading, radio communication, surviving in different conditions, first aid, how to maintain guns, etc. Surely, a lot of people are actually interested in learning all of these skills, but they don’t have a clue about where they should start.

This makes it a perfect situation for you since you will be able to capitalize on selling your knowledge. You can even create some starter packs that can give them an initial idea about the whole concept. After you’ve learned how to start an LLC in PA, and you’ve opened your prepping school/course, you can begin. Even better, you can do it online, by filming videos.

3. Compiling Informational Products

You probably spent a lot of time researching all the products you will need in case of doomsday. This is not an easy task, since we are talking about basic survivalism. There are a lot of things you need to be aware of, both in terms of products and skills.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t use your knowledge to earn an extra profit. You can go about this in many ways. For instance, you can write basic product descriptions, where you would describe particular products in greater detail, based on your experience of course.

Furthermore, you can take even one more step forward and write an e-book about your experience as a prepper. You can talk about the things that you’ve experienced so far on your journey to become an expert prepper. If you’ve already had experience with some disaster scenarios you can describe it in greater detail, without anything back.

Since we are talking about survival books, they don’t have to be too long. We are absolutely sure that you can fit all the things you have to say in a little more than 50 pages. This claim of ours can be supported by a fact that the most popular survival books sold on Amazon Kindle are up to 30 pages long.

4. Renting Your Equipment or Land

In order to be fully prepared for doomsday, besides having a wide array of skills, you surely need to have a land where you can perform all of the actions. Since people who live in cities don’t really have where to practice their hunting skills, you can rent out some portion of your land and your equipment.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Categorizing different areas within your land by areas where visitors can perform different activities will make your land even more attractive to the visitors. Throw in some additional activities and you have a successful business in your hands. You can even place your property on apps, similar to Airbnb, who are specialized for those interesting in campsites.

Surely, a high number of people will be actually interested in renting your equipment and land in order to practice essential skills. The real advantage of this approach is that you can dictate your price. For example, during the season when the demand is higher than usual, you can increase the price.

The Bottom Line

It should be said that it is very gratifying to be able to turn your hobby into a business. You only need a touch of creativity and a lot of enthusiasm. Use your prepping knowledge for making a successful business.

About the author

Vanessa Davis is Long Island cook, writer and web developer. Her love of food has brought her to start homesteading which naturally lead to an interest in survivalism. Now she is thrilled that 2020 has not caught her unprepared.


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