Update on My Water Filter Failure

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Written by Bernie Carr

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my water filter failure, when I tried using a set of Berkey filters I bought the year before. They turned out to be defective so I went through the whole process of filing a claim for a replacement set. This is a quick update on what happened since then.

Returning the filters

I repackaged the filters in the same box they came in (Tip: Don’t throw away the original box until you know the item is working, in case you have to return it.). I had a UPS label from Berkey, so I just glued the label (with some tape over it) to the box.

A week later, I received an email confirming they received the returned box. A phone number was provided. I called the number in the email and confirmed the price I had to pay. I used a credit card to pay $43.25 for the replacement pair.

After about five days, I received the replacement set.

I tested the filters

This time, I primed the filters right away. I’ll describe the priming process and post a video in a future article. I then tested both filters using the red dye test. No issues at all. The previous set was defective, but this new set is just fine.

The return process took a few days, but the resolution was satisfactory. I’m happy to know that the Berkey customer service worked promptly and efficiently.

Lesson learned – no matter what item you purchase for preparedness, test it as soon as you receive it. Don’t wait until you need it to test it, even if you’ve used it before. There is always a chance of receiving a defective product and you want plenty of time to be able to return or replace it. In my case, waiting a year before using it costed me money. If I had returned it soon after I purchased it, I would have been eligible for a full replacement, instead of a partial one, since I had to pay a percentage of the cost by the time I returned it. Also, if you wait too long, you may be out of the warranty period completely. Also, this helps you make sure your gear works as it’s suppose to in case of a disaster, when you need it the most.

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