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Welcome to the site!   I noticed some readers from Donna Freedman’s article on MSN Money “Survive a disaster–in your condo” https://money.msn.com/family-money/survive-a-disaster-in-your-condo-freedman.aspx?scptb=t

If you are new to preparedness, there is a “quick start” plan under the Getting Started tab.  Under the Recommended Sites tab, you will find a lot of good information on surviving and thriving in any situation.  For specific subjects of interest, you can search by topic under  Categories or Archives on the right side bar.

I am delighted you stopped by.   If you find my posts helpful, please stay awhile and come visit often.


For easy ways to become more prepared, read my book:

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  1. “Maybe the word “prepper” conjures up images of camo-clad guys waiting out Armageddon in rural bunkers, surrounded by ammunition and MREs” … .AAARRRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! >:(

    I hate to think what “survivalist” conjures up!

    Having gotten that off my chest, I find myself saying “Impressive” twice now in just a couple of days. First Rawle’s gives you a favorable tag and now MSNBC money is talking about you, which is big. You’re doing well!

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