Should You Prep while Deep in Debt?

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According to, the average credit card debt per household that hold credit card debt is $15,799 for 2011.  This number does not include households that are credit card debt free, this is only households that hold credit card debt already.  If you are among the debt-free crowd, you have planned well.  However, if you feel you are in a lot of debt, you are not alone.  Many people are in denial about how much they owe, but a whole lot are trying to dig their way out.

If you are trying to recover from credit card debt, I recommend this site that specializes in giving debt-free living advice:


Both sites have a members area, however, the free side is excellent and gives enough information to get started.   I am not affiliated with any of these sites, I just know countless people have benefited from following these steps.

Should you set aside cash for emergency preparedness if you are trying to get out of debt?

I would say as long as you are current on your bills, and are able to set aside a small amount of water, food and emergency supplies, then you should do so.  I would not recommend getting behind or defaulting on your debt or charging your credit cards to buy preparedness supplies if you are already deep in debt.  If you are new to this site, please check out the “Getting Started” tab as well as “Preparing on a Small Budget”  If you do find you have some room in your budget, Ken over at Modern Survival Blog has some great suggestions in the article “10 Things to Do with Your Money”

Being prepared for emergencies and having an ample supply of your necessities is actually cost-effective in the long run.


For easy ways to become more prepared, read my book:

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  1. I’d say, try to get your preparations under way, and keep all your bills paid. Nobody wants to be in debt and paying it off is good. But it wouldn’t do you much good to have all your debts paid, and then have something happen and not be able to eat because there was nothing in the house. Whether you are worried about TEOTWAWKI or a Northridge style quake, or Katrina the Sequel, set some supplies and equipment away for a rainy day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 😉

  2. Not to sound like a snob, but here goes; if I was in debt & wanted to star preping-I would drop something like say cable TV. Where I live for basic it’s about $90 a month. I would put 1/2 of the $90 towards my debt & the other 1/2 for preps. It’s easy to stay informed with what’s going on or entertained with a radio & the internet. There is other things that I would examine from my monthly bills & try to do the same thing.

    1. You’re absolutely right, if someone is motivated enough to “give up” on certain things, cable is non-essential as far as expenses, and can be cut out to go towards paying off debt and preps.

  3. People spend money quite frivolously (me included) on activities such as dining out, movies, clothes shopping and much more without even thinking about it. For those who are truly serious about prepping you can choose to spend your money differently and still not be any worse off. On the other hand, since they’re already 15K+ in credit card debt what’s a few more grand on preps?!

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