Why Writing a Journal is Important in a Prolonged Emergency

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Written by Lucas Cappel


Many people are yet to embrace the culture of keeping diaries and journals as they find it hectic and unnecessary. Many will argue that diary keeping will steal some minutes of their rather busy day. Others may hold the opinion that it will bring back irrelevant memories that have nothing to do with the present and would only make a person hate their past. Most of the reasons for not keeping a diary are genuine, but a good number are misguided. Just like starting an apartment garden, starting a journal is cheap but rewarding. Journals are an example of those personal commodities that carry with them better good than harm. They form an integral part of a person’s self-assessment plan. Interestingly, diaries and journals form a critical part of a person who cares to reflect on the past and evaluate their growth as a person.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a desperate situation, the kind of point in life that will have you regret or wish otherwise. Keeping a diary in such a moment may be difficult due to the emotional turmoil one is usually undergoing. But we have some reasons why it would be an excellent idea to keep a diary in such emergency periods:


Writing a diary is like doing your own, personal journalism on a daily basis. The only difference is that writing a diary entails laying out your inner voices on a thoughtful book. It is like you are sharing your situation and challenges with another version of you. This way, you get to understand what you feel about people, occurrences, events, places and generally the world. It is arguably the best route to self-understanding since there are no lies involved: you can’t lie to yourself. Whatever feeling of emotion that`s noted down in a diary is always accurate and therefore trustworthy. A diary will still give you the opportunity to have a meeting with your personality. Whenever that happens, the result is always getting to know yourself better and hence better interactions with your immediate environment.

Enables One to Navigate Through Difficult Choices

Writing a diary gives you room to think about the hard times your life traverses through. It is a mentally healthier version of taking a break from the real deal. Putting your thoughts into a diary is just like essay writing; it will keep you busy and at the end of the day open up your mind to see things from a broader perspective. That way, you will eventually find yourself with less and fewer things to worry about since the problems that menacingly towered above you appear smaller and conquerable. In cases of emergencies that stand facing us for extended periods, a diary keeping can prove to be extremely useful in winning. There is an enthusiasm that is always begotten by writing, and it helps a lot in these situations.

It Initiates Self-Evolution

With every thought or emotion that’s written down in a diary, there is usually associated graduation from that level of thinking. Whenever a person keeps track of their emotions, feelings, and thoughts alike, they always come to realize that they have been through mental training that has yielded their advancement from a particular category of thinking. Consistent diary writers also learn what to and what not to write with time. They develop an instinct that sieves vital issues from general feelings, emotions or thoughts. This is how one grows as a person, especially during hardships. It is a trait that comes through conditioning of the brain and cannot be got from a lecture.


You Brainstorm with Yourself for New Ideas

If you cruise past your memories that you’ve written down on paper, there is a high chance that thinking them through will beget you new ideas and alternatives. You will be better informed to decide at such a time. That is why history tells us that we ought to learn from our past mistakes. Even if whatever you wrote down at the time of a prolonged emergency was the result of a wrong or uninformed decision, your brain and experience will present you with alternatives of what you should have done at that time. This is a self-paying cycle that will teach you the importance of having a diary especially in tumultuous periods of life.

One Feels Better After Writing a Journal

A problem shared is a problem half solved. We have already established that writing a diary technically constitutes sharing your issues with yourself. When you pour out your feelings, whether it is on paper on sharing with someone, there is always a relief that comes along. That is the healing power of a diary. You feel less pressurized and, therefore, happy with yourself. That bit can only come through writing a diary, especially if whatever you are going through is so personal that you don’t feel like sharing with people. You can master a lot by sharing yourself through a diary.


Journal keeping has always been a personal initiative. Though many people will see it as a laborious and unnecessary venture, it has proven to be quite an excellent way to involve oneself especially if one is in some emotional crisis. It is a brilliant way to free your brain from clogging with thoughts. Surprisingly, about 76% of journal-writing men recover faster from surgeries. Diary keeping comes with a self-inspiration on how to face your troubles and gives you an opportunity to weigh your decisions before settling on one. There cannot be a better way to come out of problems than you working your way out of them. That is the strength that is inconsistent diary writers. They can chart their progress out of any problem, big or small, with very little or even no external aid.


Keeping a journal is an underrated brain-boosting and stress-relieving venture, isn’t it? Share with us your experiences keeping one.


Author’s Bio: Lucas Cappel is a tutor and a writer from Ohio. Having worked as a writer-for-her and a tutor helping with essay topics, Lucas is an educator by passion – hence he seeks to share knowledge with others via his writing.


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  1. excellent idea this will help de-stress you too. And you look back latter and see what worked and did not work in you prep plans and gear. and you can always use the extra writing materials for notes and messages to others. Keep up the go articles

    1. Hi Oldguy, All true, writing things out helps lower stress, and keep notes about preps. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I’ve kept an online journal / diary for 15 yrs now. YES, 15 years. I don’t enter every day, but I do usually about once a week. Going back to find important events, dates, names of people, etc. has been very helpful over the years. Most months I have 4 or 5 entries, some have only 2, some 8. Recently, printed the whole thing out so I have a written record in case the system I’m using crashes or goes away.

    I highly agree, and recommend a journal.

    Best of luck,

    1. Hi Darrell, Glad your online journal has helped you over the years. Also, a good idea to download/print to avoid losing all that history. Thanks for sharing.

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