January 17, 2018

Feast or Famine

After all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales activity, it seems there was a lot of optimism about people being willing to open their pocketbooks and spend their money.  There was such a frenzy of crazed shopping, akin to “running of the bulls” that mobs were running rampant and people got hurt trying snag “hot deals.” In the next day or so, the media was joyfully reporting that sales records were topped as a record number of shoppers opened […]

Worried about Finances?

As I write this, the stock market was taking another beating, with many factors contributing to the sell-off:  high unemployment, European debt crisis, inflation fears, bad housing market…  The list goes on.  The experts indicate “we are dangerously close to a recession.”  I don’t think it ever left.  But if the “big players” are worried, should we worry as well?  Instead of fretting, why not take some simple steps now to “recession-proof” your finances? Cut down on expenses.   Even […]