100,000 Forced to Evacuate Due to Wildfires in California

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This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com

Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate due to fires in Southern California according to CBS This Morning. I wanted to share this quick video about the raging fires:

According to CBS this morning, fires have been going on since Thursday, with many structures sustaining damage or completely destroyed. Residents only get a few minutes notice to evacuate, since the fires burn so rapidly.

Thankfully, the evacuation order has been lifted and the residents are now able to return home.  Sadly, some have already lost their homes. But the danger is not over. The fires are only partially contained and the hot, dry Santa Ana winds are expected to continue through the day.

I have lived in areas prone to wildfires – you always have to be prepared to evacuate. Whether you live in an apartment or own your home, there is always a fire danger.  Fire is the most common threat that can happen in any city.  Even if you are not within the affected area, it is a good idea to:

We have a lot of family members as well as readers in Southern California – my prayers are with you.


Image by Janek Szymanowski from Pixabay

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  1. Between this event and watching all the refugee posts on Instagram I am going to begin carrying a 3 day bag including clothing.
    Maybe we all should as you just never know.
    Buying more comfy shoes too!! ?

    1. Hi Karen, Good idea- it doesn’t hurt to have a 3 day bag in the trunk of your car. I know someone who carries a suitcase of clothes for her entire family in the trunk of her car just in case. Comfy shoes are a necessity in case you have to walk anywhere. Thanks for the comment.

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