June 18, 2020

100,000 Forced to Evacuate Due to Wildfires in California

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate due to fires in Southern California according to CBS This Morning. I wanted to share this quick video about the raging fires: According to CBS this morning, fires have been going on since Thursday, with many structures sustaining damage or completely destroyed. Residents only get a few minutes notice to evacuate, since the fires burn so rapidly. Thankfully, the evacuation order has been lifted and […]

Wildfires Can Happen Anytime – Are You Prepared?

This post is by Bernie Carr, apartmentprepper.com   Yesterday, thousands of people in Maui were asked to evacuate as 3,000 acres burned. The fire was fueled by dry brush. According to the Maui News, “Power outages, along with internet, cellphone and landline service interruptions, occurred during the day due to the fire. Backed-up traffic, closures and blinding clouds of smoke impacted roadways.” Fortunately, the fire is now nearly contained. Even paradise in not immune to wildfires; this is a reminder […]

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