5 Best Emergency Gear Storage Containers

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Written by Harrison Chucks

Are you looking for containers to store your emergency gear? Are you finding it difficult to accommodate all of that camping gear in your home? If yes, the 5 options which we would discuss today would be the perfect containers for storage.



Combination Lock Storage Box

If you’re looking for something more high-tech, this one is combination lock storage box is for you. It has a programmable lock as well. This would ensure that whatever you are keeping inside is well protected. Also, the capacity is of 78 L. This ensures that you would be able to accommodate quite a bit of gear in it.


The lock is a 4 digit password which can be changed. This ensures that you are able to keep it entirely secure. The load which it can handle is around 200 Lbs. All in all, if you’re looking for a high-security storage box, this is the perfect option for you.



  •          Programmable lock
  •          Can handle large amount of weight
  •          High capacity



  •          Locking mechanism prone to problems



Trunk Organizer EZOWare Cargo Trunk Collapsible Storage Container


The reason that this trunk organizer is one of the best containers for storing emergency supplies for survival at home is that it is entirely collapsible. This ensures that when you’re not using it, you can easily fold it as well. Also, it is perfect for keeping it in your car as well.


When you are erecting it, you can be sure that it can easily handle a lot of different gear. Also, it is 4 different pockets to store the gear. This ensures that you would be able to keep them separately if needed as well. It is made from polyester fabric which is pretty durable as well.



  •          Can be kept in car
  •          Collapsible
  •          4 different compartments
  •          More than enough space for storing the gear
  •          Made from polyester fabric



  •          Plastic odor when you first open it



Waterproof Cargo Hitch Carrier Bag from Vault Cargo


Many people look for a storage box which can be easily carried as well. If that is the case, this carrier bag is one of the perfect options for you. It has a hatchback which ensures that you would be able to carry it easily along with you wherever you go. It can be attached to your SUV or to your car as well. Also, it is entirely waterproof. It has 15 ft.³ of storage space inside it.


Since it is a carrier bag, it has 6 different straps which can be attached to the vehicle or to any other object. This ensures that you are able to securely attach it wherever you go. Thus, if you’re looking for a portable storage box, this is the perfect choice for you.



  •          Easy to attach
  •          15 ft.³ storage space
  •          Highly durable
  •          Waterproof



  •          Difficult to carry on your own



Remington Heavy Duty Rolling Tote


If you’re looking for something more solid which can be easily pulled along as well, this heavy duty rolling tote is the perfect option for you. It has wheels on one side. Also, it comes in different capacities as well with the largest one being 169 quartz; 102 quarts is the next size below. It can be locked easily as well which would provide you with additional security.



  •          Solid structure
  •          Lockable
  •          Available in different capacities
  •          Easy to pull



  •          Plastic is on the thin side.



IRIS USA, Inc. Weathertight Store-It-All Tote


In case, you are looking for a more conventional storage option, this weathertight storage box is a great option for you. It has a capacity of 82 quartz. Also, it is weathertight which ensures that you are able to protect the camping gear which is inside quite easily. It has a padlock as well with the help of which, you would be able to lock the box. All in all, if you’re looking for a simple solution, this is one of the best options for you.



  •          Weathertight
  •          Padlock available
  •          Highly durable



  •          Padlock is not entirely secure


So, if you’re looking for containers to keep your survival or emergency gear, these are the 5 best options for you. You can easily choose the one which fits your needs perfectly.



AUTHOR BIO: Harrison Chucks is one of the editorial team of OutdoorCareGear.com – an outdoor survival gear blog. He is also a web designer and a blogger in niches as well.


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  1. Here’s the real test for ‘stoutness’… Can you stack 3-4 fully loaded containers on top of each other? Can a 200lb man stand on it without it collapsing? Can it be used as ‘furniture’ (chair or table) when empty? Can it be left outside in the weather w/out leaking? If the answer is yes to ALL of these questions then you must be the owner of a Contico Truck Box. We had these in Afghanistan and they are excellent! They are strong, lockable w/ 2 locks or built-in key latch and made in USA.(around $65 each for the 2-lock model and available at most ‘Mart’ stores in both the auto section and/or luggage sections). P.S. to the author… ‘Quartz’ is a mineral, ‘Quarts’ is a capacity measurement. Jus’sayin….

    1. Hi Roberto, Good to know about the Contico Truck box-they sound really sturdy. Oh, and the typo is getting fixed. Thanks for the comment!

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