5 Ways to Help Distant Loved Ones in a SHTF Scenario 

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Written by Martin Banks

Staying close to home and your family unit was considered the norm for a long time. People might travel if they had the means, but home sweet home was somewhere close to your loved ones. Modern life has changed how we view this ideal, with families often spread across the country or worldwide. We can enjoy diverse locales, cuisines and cultures, but it leaves us at a disadvantage regarding SHTF scenarios.

Here’s how to help distant loved ones if a SHTF scenario happens. These steps will bring peace of mind and help far-flung family members remain somewhat calm in a potentially dangerous situation.

1. Invest in Alternative Communications

Right now, if we want to talk to a distant loved one, all we need to do is send a message or make a phone call. That likely won’t be an option in a SHTF scenario. Communication infrastructure is often the first to collapse, which may leave people disconnected and stranded. That’s the last thing you need to deal with when trying to gather your clan.

Consider investing in alternative means of communication. Getting licensed to use HAM radio is one alternative, as long as everyone you’re trying to communicate with has a radio to receive. HAM radio dates back to the early 1900s and works on radio frequencies, so you can share with friends and family if the communication networks fail.

 2. Make Travel Arrangements

Make sure you have travel plans if your goal is reuniting with friends and family. You can’t rely on modern mass transport. Airlines will likely shut down, though private flights might still be accessible as long as it’s safe to fly. It’s important to note that renting a private jet is costly and may not be available to all preppers. Purchasing a small plane and obtaining your pilot’s license may also be a useful way to help you bring everyone back together once the world falls apart.

Whatever arrangements you choose to use, make sure they’re in place before things hit the fan and ensure that everyone in your group is aware of them. The last thing you want is for loved ones to head in the wrong direction because they were unclear about where to go.

3. Work on Everyday Carry

Everyday carry (EDC) is the practice of carrying everything you might need to keep you alive in a survival situation at all times. Your EDC kit might include:

● A knife or multi-tool

● Firestarters

● Rope or fishing line

● A small first-aid kit

● Signal mirror or flare

● Water purification tablets

The goal of EDC is to ensure you’ll be able to stay alive if the apocalypse happens when you’re away from home. Everyone in your circle should have a stocked EDC kit they carry at all times. Having and knowing how to use them will increase the chances of survival while loved ones wait for you to reach them or travel to your agreed destination.

4. Ensure They’re Prepared

Making the trip to reunite with loved ones may not be an option if they live hundreds or thousands of miles away. If you have to shelter in place, the best thing you can do for your distant friends or family is ensure they have everything they need to survive on hand. This is where you can spread your knowledge and provide help before the fact.

Encourage them to prepare for a SHTF scenario by stocking up on food, water, first aid and other supplies. It can be a fantastic opportunity to share your prepping knowledge, especially if they’re struggling or don’t know where to start. The goal might not be for them to remain in place, but if they do need to take shelter for an extended period, at least they’ll have everything needed to stay alive while they wait.

5. Know When to Put Yourself First

What SHTF scenario are you looking at? Could travel still be an option, allowing you to potentially reunite with your distant loved ones? Do they live so far away that reaching them would be nearly impossible if commercial airline services fail? It might sound harsh, but you will eventually need to decide when to put yourself and your immediate family first.

We all want to be heroes. As we’re preparing for the end of the world, we all envision creating enclaves filled with friends, family and people we hold dear. Unfortunately, that isn’t always an option. Trying to travel to the ends of the Earth to bring everyone together might not be practical. You must be willing to put yourself first and decide when to stop planning a reunion.

Be Ready for Anything

We never know how the world (as we know it) might end. A few years ago, the idea of things shutting down because of a global viral pandemic was something we only expected to see in a horror movie plot, but since 2020, it’s moved from fiction to reality.

There’s no telling what the future might hold or what might cause the world as we know it to end. All we can do is be ready for anything. If you’ve got distant loved ones, the best thing you can do for them is ensure they’re just as prepared as you are.

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