Are Governments Telling People to Prepare?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

There has been a lot of nervous discussion lately about governments telling people to prepare for possible emergencies by stockpiling food and water.

Is it true?

A German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung reported recently that their government advised people to have enough food, water and medicines in case of an attack or disaster.   The reaction was mixed, as some felt it was just common sense, while others felt that it was ludicrous to even suggest such a thing.   Soon after, I read somewhere that a Czech news channel reported their government was also telling people to prepare. 

And we already know Venezuela, a country that is suffering from economic turmoil and shortages right now, has told its citizens to plant gardens and raise chickens even in urban areas.  Unfortunately many people are already starving.  When you are already in a crisis it is very difficult to get started preparing at that point.

Does this mean something bad is going to happen?

Not necessarily.  No one can predict the future, but I think it is just plain common sense to prepare.  There is no need to speculate about whether “they know something big is going to happen” or not.  Natural emergencies, a job loss or even a long bout of the flu are enough reasons to get prepared.

Even our own government advises us to prepare.  We’ve all seen those public service announcements.

Prepare while you can

Don’t be discouraged by bad news if you are just now getting started, or if you are barely scraping by.  There are ways to prepare on a small budget.  Start preparing with my Quick Start Guide.

If nothing happens, then that’s great!  But if there is an emergency or disaster, you’ll be glad you did.


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  1. I admit that I do enjoy when announcements come from governments like this, everyone says prepping is silly and a waste of time (the govt will take care of me), lo and behold the government then tells them to be ready to take care of themselves.
    With the German announcement, I wonder if it was a preparation in case of more active shooters so that it’s not as bad for the citizens when they have to lock an area down to isolate a shooter.

    1. Hi Pierce! I think might be right, Germany is preparing for the possibility of more terrorist attacks, especially active shooters. A lot countries as on edge. It just makes sense for people to be ready. Thanks for the comment!

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