Bugging Out with Your Pet

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It is a sad fact that many pets get separated from their owners in the aftermath of a disaster, as we have found out from many accounts after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Japan earthquake and many others.  Many pets become injured, lost or killed during the chaos of a disaster.  The family may have the best of intentions, but may not have control over events that befall them.  That is why it is important to include pets in your emergency plans.

What to do when bugging out with your pet

The article below, written by The Tenth Man of A Bug Out Bag List includes in depth details about how to plan ahead for your pet’s safety and supplies to minimize any difficulties when bugging out with pets.

Preppers List: The Pet Bug Out Bag (BOB) List

by The Tenth Man

Our pets are part of our family.  If you share this sentiment, you are not alone. According to a  Harris poll,  9 in 10 pet owners consider their pets to be family. This is why we worry about their well-being especially when we are away from them for any extended period of time.Like you, I also consider my dog to be an important family member. In fact, my toy poodle brings great joy to my children and pleasure to my wife. I know it would be extremely difficult for us if something unfortunate was to happen to him.

I am certain many of you feel the same way about your pet as we do. Many of us however sometimes take our pets for granted and fail to plan for their needs during an unexpected crisis or natural disaster.  Hurricane Katrina is a good example of owners failing to prepare to protect their pets. Although over 15,000 pets were rescued with 3,000 of them reunited with their families, tens of thousands were killed or left homeless.

For the most part, it is an unintentional and innocent oversight on our part  that places our beloved pet(s) in harms way. Luckily, this type of mindset can be corrected. This is why I created both a Pet BOB Guide and  a Pet BOB List below for you to utilize and more importantly take action!

Pet BOB Buying GuideTop 5

In creating the TOP 5 Pet ready-made BOBs guide, I utilize the information from the Pet Bug Out Bag (Pet BOB) list to review, calculate and rate the effectiveness and completeness of the ready made Pet BOBs found  marketed on Amazon; one of the largest retailer in the US.  Using the Pet BOB list below in combination with this buying guide, you will be able to effectively supplement emergency preparedness supplies that might be missing in your selected ready-made bag and purchase these additional items along with your Amazon order.

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Preppers List: The Pet Bug Out Bag (BOB) List


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