Can One Soap Do It All? Product Review: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

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Dr. Bronner's Magic SoapI originally picked up the unscented version of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for backpacking.  It was highly recommended by experienced campers and backpackers because it is organic, bio-degradable, packed in recycled plastic AND not tested on animals.  Mainly, I picked it because I did not want to attract bears.

Being the skeptical person that I am, I was  suspicious about how good it really is.  Because the product is a low suds soap, I was not convinced about its cleaning ability for food encrusted dishes.  However, when we used it to wash dishes at the backpacking trip, I was pleasantly surprised.  Dr. Bronner’s soap actually worked well in cleaning dirty mess kits and pots.   You actually use very little, but it goes a long way.  After we returned, I packed away the unscented bottle in the “go-bag.”

That was the first part of my review.  Last week, I discovered I had bought up the Eucalyptus scented version, but hadn’t gotten around to using it.  Now I was ready to test it on myself.  I used it on a bath sponge and lathered up.  The eucalyptus smell is lovely; my entire shower smelled like a fancy spa.  It lathered just enough to scrub everywhere.  I also tried it as a shampoo and it cleaned hair pretty well without stripping it.  All in all, I felt clean and refreshed after the shower.

According to the product description, Dr. Bronner’s soap will also work on floors, walls. fruits and vegetables.  After testing it twice, I have no doubt it will deliver.  However, I am not about to use my eucalyptus scented one on floors, walls or fruit.  I’d like to save that one for me.

Being the all purpose product that it is, I think I will stock up on Dr. Bronner’s.   After checking the label, I found out yet another thing that is going for it – it is made right here in the U.S.   I give Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap a big thumbs up!

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  1. It is also one of the few soaps that will wash off tree sap. I discovered this years ago when my partner had it at the sink for dishes. I’ve used it for a ton of things and always been happy with it.

    1. Did not realize it will wash off tree sap! There must be other uses I’ve never even heard of. Thanks!

  2. Just read about Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in “The Hobo Handbook”, guess I will have to pick some up.

        1. Hey Carl, Enjoyed the review very much. So much so I am putting the book on my Amazon Wish List! Thanks for the update.

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