Dog-Walking Crime Victims that You Should Know About

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Written by Bernie Carr

Dog-walking is one of those everyday activities that we don’t think too much about – we’ve all walked our dogs at various times throughout the day, in the park or just around the neighborhood. You would not expect much to happen. But there have been a few stories about people running into trouble just walking their dogs.

A woman and her dog got stabbed in San Dimas, CA

I was horrified to when I heard that a 60-something woman and her dog were stabbed to death in a random attack.

The woman went out to walk her dog at a park in San Dimas, CA in the early afternoon a few days ago. According to authorities, the attacker originally targeted someone else. He was after a man who had used the park restroom. But the man noticed the stranger with a knife walking toward him, so he turned and ran away.

The attacker chased the intended victim, but then noticed the woman walking her dog. He targeted her instead: he grabbed the dog’s leash, stabbed the dog first then the woman.

The first intended victim ran back and hit the suspect in the head with a rock. The suspect was taken to the hospital with head injuries, and is now being held on a two million dollar bond. The motive is unknown, according to FoxNews.

A man walking his dog got shot in Chicago

A 51-year old man was shot while walking his dog in Chicago’s West Side.

A neighbor’s security camera captured the final moments in the life of Merlyn McCallister, walking his dog Sunday morning — like he did every day, in the 1700 block of North Major.

Minutes later, his wife, Rosie, heard three gun shots.

“I looked across the street and saw our dog pacing in the alley and I saw my husband lying on the ground. I ran over and asked him what happened to you, honey?,” Rosie told WGN.

SOURCE: WGN-9, Chicago

Unfortunately the victim had a bullet wound in his abdomen. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. No suspects have been identified.

25 year-old man shot while walking his dog in Philadelphia

In another news story, a young man walking his dog around 7:30 pm in Philadelphia. Two men approached him, one in front and one behind. The young man was shot in the chest, and the two men went through his pockets.

According to FoxNews, two men have been arrested in connection with the killing. One of the men was a known criminal who was out on bail:

Philadelphia Police Department Inspector Derrick Wood noted on Twitter that Davis had two open felony cases, but his bail was reduced from $200k to $12k.

“This is ridiculous and another example of bail decisions that are being made without considering the safety of the community,” Wood wrote in a tweet.


Be careful out there

These are the most recent ones, however, there have been more dog-walking victims in the previous year. I feel bad for all those victims and their families.

There is no way to predict these things. All you can do is pay attention to your own safety no matter where you are:

Don’t take any situation for granted. Even the most mundane activities can turn dangerous. Stay safe!

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