1. Sorry that happened, but glad you caught it before it was too bad! Another benefit of a credit card purchase online is that many credit card companies offer money back guarantees – that you can go through them to get refunded for purchases that don’t meet your expectations, even if the company you purchased from won’t.

    1. Hey momwithaprep, Thanks – I’m glad I found out before more charges got taken out. It’s back to credit cards for online purchases.

  2. That happened to me a couple of years back. They ‘ping’ your card number with really low charges to make sure they have a live account with the correct pin and security code. Then they start to attack the account. It is a mess to clear up.

    1. Hi Linda, It is a mess alright – even after reporting it, a couple of bogus charges still went through. Now I’ve taken most of the $ out of there leaving the balance under $20 until this is cleared up.

  3. One bank credit card we had allowed us to set up temporary card numbers for one-time use, fixed limit amount, etc. This was perfect for Internet transactions and any future charges to that number would automatically be rejected. I would recommend seeing if your bank allows this capability or searching for one that does, then using it diligently for online purchasing.

    1. Hi Mark, That is a good idea, setting up temporary card numbers for one time use. I will look into that. Thanks!

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