DVD Review: Introduction to Candle Making

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I tried my hand at candle making years ago, before I started my quest for emergency preparedness.  I wanted to make candles for the home, or possibly give as gifts.  I got a couple of kits from the hobby store and tried them out.  The project didn’t turn out so well, and it was messy too.  I have been reticent to try candle making since.  When we ran our readers’ tips, making candles at home was suggested and I thought it may be worth revisiting.

I received a review copy of Introduction to Candle Making with Marie Kauffman and Noreen Hill.  I wanted to find out information I missed when I tried out candle making the first time.  Turns out I had a lot to learn.  This DVD will tell you everything you need to know to make your own candles and then some.

You will find information regarding your work area, tools, materials such as wicks, different types of wax, scents, molds, etc.  It gives you the various types available, along the pros and cons of each one.  Each step is covered thoroughly, and just to make sure you got the information down, the highlights flash across the screen.  The number of choices can get a bit overwhelming at times, but it is best to be aware of all your options going into a project rather than missing something later.

Even if you’ve failed candle making in the past, this DVD will help you succeed.  I have added it to my Amazon store.  If you are serious about learning to make candles, be sure to pick it up.
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