Gas Prices are Soaring: Ways to Save Money on Gas

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Written by Bernie Carr

Gas prices are rising again, and it’s getting really hard to find extra money to cover the higher cost. I get a sick feeling in my stomach having to pay ever increasing prices to fill the tank.

Ways to save


The tried and true method should come back in style again; not that it ever really disappeared – carpooling. If you commute to work, join a carpool or van pool and save money. You may even get to park closer and save money on parking fees as well.

If you drive your children to school, trade off with other parents nearby (whom you trust) in dropping off and picking up.

There’s an app for that

I use GasBuddy to shop for the lowest gas prices wherever I go. It has come in handy for road trips as well.

Change your driving habits

Even though you think you may be set your ways, now is the time to make some changes in your driving habits. See our previous article 13 Driving Tips to Save Money on Gas.

Use rewards points

I joined my supermarket rewards program and apply my points to gas savings. Be sure to read the fine print, as points do expire, and may have exclusions.

Check the locations of the gas stations where you can apply the points. Sometimes, there may not be locations that are close enough to you, or may be in bad neighborhoods which would not be worth it.

Map out your route for maximum savings

Use Google Maps and plan out your errands before you go. This way you can also do your errands all at once: visit the bank that’s closest to the grocery store, do your shopping then drop off your dry cleaning on the way home.

Cut down the frequency of your trips

I used to shop for groceries weekly, but now I only go once every two weeks. Do all your errands in as few trips as possible. Yes, you will be staying home a lot more, but you also won’t be tempted to spend while you’re out.

Keep your car properly serviced

One thing you can’t skimp on is keeping your car in good condition. With low inventory and high prices for new and used cars, you can’t let car maintenance go by the wayside. Keeping your car well-maintained also helps save gas.

Should you store gasoline?

Some people are considering storing gasoline before prices rise again. However, not everyone can safely store gas, especially if you live in an apartment. Most renters don’t have the room, leases do not allow it, even if you have a designated garage.

If you are able to store gas, make sure it is kept in EPA compliant containers and use a stabilizer such as Sta-bil.  Do not store your emergency supplies or near a gasoline storage container, as gas fumes may ruin your storage.

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