How to Prep Your Apartment for Emergencies and Everyday Scenarios

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Author: Marcus Pickett

With a little creativity and organization, you can have all the comforts and functionality of a single-family detached home in a modestly sized apartment. Too often, emergency preparedness is something apartment dwellers struggle to find space for and often never get around to doing at all. Don’t leave this task on your to-do list. With a few tips and the space-saving Portable 5-in-1 Emergency Hub from BodyGuardz, you can be prepared for the next emergency while also enhancing the everyday functionality of your apartment.

Everyday Readiness for Apartment Living

The 5-in-1 is emergency preparedness you can use in your everyday life. It gives you peace of mind, but it’s not just something you throw in the back of your closet and forget about.

·                     Power Bank: This is the most common use of the 5-in-1 Emergency Hub. As a plug-in device with a built-in battery, the power bank offers the best of both worlds for phone chargers. As long as you keep the device plugged in, you can forget about having to periodically recharge it. At the same time, it’s ready to grab-and-go with a full 6,600mAH charge. When you keep a charging cord wrapped around the device and tucked against the wall, the 5-in-1 will be ready and easy to use without the clutter of a dangling cord.

·                     Night Light/Flashlight: The combination night light/flashlight is another way to be ready for anything. You’ll always know there is a power outage as the night light automatically turns on when it detects the power is out. Need to get up in the middle of the night without turning on a bright, overhead light? No problem. Use the soft glow of the night light. Need more light to see what’s going on across the room or under the couch? Use the 5-in-1 flashlight setting instead.

The 5-in-1 is perfect for overnight emergency monitoring and as an everyday carry item.

Emergency Preparedness with the 5-in-1

More than general apartment readiness, the 5-in-1 offers several features specifically for emergency preparedness.

·                     Emergency Notifications: The backbone of emergency preparedness is knowing what’s going on as the situation develops. More than activating the emergency alert notifications on your phone, the free BodyGuardz Smart Life app allows you to customize how you receive emergency information across 5 main categories that monitor 28 different types of emergency situations. For example, it’s easy to set up these notifications so the 90-decibel alarm goes off when there’s a tornado, freak storm, flash flood, or civil unrest, all while receiving a simple push notification on your phone when the power goes out. These notifications can also be set up to monitor emergency alerts for any zip code.

·                     Personal Safety Alarm: Living in an apartment building is living in a community, for better or worse. One of your best friends may live a few doors down, while someone who gives you the creeps is also just around the corner. The 90-decibel personal safety alarm is loud enough it can be heard throughout your apartment and adjacent units without being so loud that it instantly wakes up the entire building. More than just sounding an audible siren, the alarm will also trigger an emergency push notification to the contacts you’ve authorized in your Smart Life account. With this one-touch alert, you can feel confident someone you trust has been notified that you’re in a precarious situation.

·                     Emergency FM Radio: Due to dense construction materials and adjacent buildings, many apartments have weak spots or even dead zones for your cellular signal. These connectivity problems are compounded when everybody is trying to send messages at once during an emergency situation. The 5-in-1 emergency FM radio gives you an extra way to stay informed when both Wi-Fi and cellular signals are unavailable. A local Bluetooth signal maintains the connection between your phone and the 5-in-1 which has a built-in FM radio receiver—giving you the latest emergency updates from any local radio station.

More Tips for Apartment Preparedness and Emergency Kits

With the many features the Emergency Hub offers, it’s not everything you need in an emergency situation. Need help getting started? Focus on the basics with these preparedness tips for apartment dwellers. Wondering what else to include as part of your emergency kit and planning checklist? offers a comprehensive preparedness planning guide.

Author Bio: Over the last 15 years, Marcus Pickett has written and edited thousands of articles in numerous industries including phone accessories, smart home, home security, outdoor, travel, healthcare, and many more. He’s a voracious reader and researcher who loves talking to the experts. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT.

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