Urban Survival Gear You Should Have – National Preparedness Month

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Written by Bernie Carr

September is National Preparedness Month so I couldn’t let the month go by without adding my two cents. Because I live in an urban setting, I thought I’d go over some essential items you need to have in case of disaster in the city. Plan on having these items on hand in your home, or in your survival backpack, should you have to evacuate.


According to the survival rule of three, you can only live three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food. Since water is essential for survival, you need to make sure you always have water on hand. In your home, keep at least one gallon of water per person per day. If you are carrying it, water can be heavy, so keep water bottles in your car and in your backpack if you are on foot. To compensate for not being able to store enough water, have a water filter or water purification system. I have a Berkey for home use, and a Survivor Filter Pro X as my portable filter. When choosing a filter, make sure it removes viruses, bacteria, parasites and metals and has a good flow rate.

Bonus gear: a sillcock key that you can use to open or close water spigots in case you have to search the city for water.


Food is another thing you must store. For your survival bag, carry lightweight, shelf-stable, ready to eat food that does not require cooking such as energy bars, beef jerky, dried fruit and nuts. For home use, store foods you normally eat.

You should have a backup way to cook food at home such as a propane stove in case utilities are down.

First aid

You never know when injury strikes in a disaster so always have a first aid kit in your home, your car and your survival bag. I like the College Student First Aid kit for home use, or the First Aid kit by Renegade. Make sure you add your own personal prescriptions and medical supplies. I personally added asthma inhalers, antibacterial gel to my first aid supplies.

Since air is the top need for survival, N-95 or surgical masks, oxygen monitor should also be included in your kit.

External battery bank

Since most people rely on their smart phones, you need a way to charge your phone when the power is out. A portable external battery bank should be included in your supplies.

Weather radio

During a natural disaster, it’s tough to get emergency news when the power is out and your wifi/cell connection is down. It’s a good idea to have a battery powered weather radio so you can have a way to get weather updates.

Power outage supplies

If the power goes out, you need light to see your way at night. You need flashlights and lanterns that are battery operated; it’s a bonus if you can charge it via solar power during the day. You should have emergency power sources such as batteries of various sizes.


An emergency list would not be complete if I didn’t include a cutting tool such as a knife or Swiss Army knife (I consider them essential I carry one or two with me all the time), multi-tool. Bolt-cutters, small ax, crowbar, small spade are helpful to have around.


It’s not necessarily gear, but cash is important when electronic payment devices are off-line. I’ve been to the store in the aftermath of a hurricane and cash is king at that point. I carry at least $40 at all times just in case, but your needs may vary.

This is just a starting list of emergency gear – everyone can create their own for home use, everyday carry (EDC) kit or survival bag. There’s also defense to consider. Here’s an example of one man’s personal EDC kit. What gear would you include in your survival kit? Please share in the comments.

About the author:

Bernie Carr is the founder of Apartment Prepper. She has written several books including the best-selling Prepper’s Pocket Guide, Jake and Miller’s Big Adventure, The Penny-Pinching Prepper and How to Prepare for Most Emergencies on a $50 a Month Budget. Bernie’s latest e-book, FRUGAL DIY has just been released on Amazon. Her work appears in sites such as the Allstate Blog and Clark.com, as well as print magazines such as Backwoods Survival Guide and Prepper Survival Guide. She has been featured in national publications such as Fox Business and Popular Mechanics. Learn more about Bernie here.

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