Should You Keep Prepping When Things are Good?

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This post is by Bernie Carr,

I’ve seen postings in social media that people no longer feel the need to prep because Donald Trump is now in the White House.  Or, they feel good about the economy, gas prices are a lot lower than they have been in years, therefore, things are good.  Many people seem to be really optimistic about their finances.

Should you keep prepping when things are good?

It may be tempting to ease up on preparedness when things are going smoothly.  I am not trying to be Chicken Little, warning that the sky is falling when there is not a cloud in the sky.  I think it’s great that people are feeling good about their prospects.

There is no political party that can protect you in the event of a local disaster.  Even if help comes via FEMA, there is still a delay until aid is able to reach you.  Indeed, even the government encourages people to be first responders in their community in a disaster.  Don’t forget that our system is based on everything running smoothly all the time – and just in time inventory systems means stores only keep enough supplies to last until the next truck delivery.  If anything interrupts the supply chain for any reason, the stores stop selling.  One local disaster such as a snow storm sends unprepared people in a panic buying mode, long lines and empty shelves at the store or even dumpster diving when they find themselves hungry in the aftermath of the storm.

And at the same time that good economic news are being touted, we see that the country is extremely divided, companies are continuing to close locations and people are still losing jobs.

Do not get sidetracked and give up your preparedness efforts.  Even on good news days, you can sit back and soak it all in, but don’t let up on your preparedness efforts.

Steps to preparedness you can take now:

  • Build your food storage, water and essential supplies while prices are reasonable.
  • While you have a job or other source of income,  continue set aside emergency cash and get out of debt.
  • Find a way to increase your security, even if times are peaceful right now.
  • Buy gear and supplies that will help you in the next power outage or disaster such as solar chargers, light sources, backup stoves etc. while you still have funds
  • Get in shape now.
  • Get healthy; take care of medical and dental needs
  • Learn skills every weekend while you have the luxury of time.

John F. Kennedy said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining…”  I think this is especially true today.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy life and take a break every now and then.  Things can change quickly: if and when they do, you will be glad you continued to prepare.

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  1. I’m a liberal who’s been prepping off and on since Y2k. I got serious about it when I observed FEMA’s failure to improve following Hurricane Sandy. I prepped all through Obama’s administration and will prep all through what I hope will be a mercifully brief detour into kleptocracy. I am and always will be skeptical of politically or economically motivated preppers because seriously? How are you going to know whether it’s Syria or Venezuela coming up? There’s just not that much room in an apartment!

    1. justalurkr, Agreed – we all need to be prepared for emergencies regardless of who is in the White House or what party we happen to favor. Emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime and it just behooves us to be ready. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I stopped preparing for a couple of years, even though I knew better. Lately, with all that’s happening in North America, I’m refocusing on being ready for anything (with the exception of zombies). Anyone judgemental asks, I tell them it’s a self-sufficiency thing. I do regret taking those couple of years off, though.

    1. Hi Carolyn, I think a lot of people did take a break so you are not alone in that. Glad you have decided to refocus on being prepared! Thanks for the comments!

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